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Tiny House Living: how to achieve optimum wellbeing

They say great things come in small packages, and when it comes to the rise of the tiny house movement, never a truer word has been said. This trend for a pared-back way of life in a home typically less than 500 sq. ft can be beautiful as well as practical. And the popularity of the tiny house movement is on the up thanks to its focus on simplicity and sustainability.

But how do you go about creating a calm and restful interior when you only have a small amount of space? It's all about making the right choices in terms of furniture, fabrics and decor. Here, we guide you through some of the key things to think about to achieve optimum wellbeing in a micro home.


A recent American surveyrevealed that more than half of the people interviewed would consider living in a tiny house, with the most appealing factors being affordability (65%), efficiency (57%) and eco-friendliness (48%). And while the challenges of Covid lockdowns have made many of us crave more space, others have found that they'ved manage surprisingly well in a compact home and are drawn to the idea of a simpler, less materialistic way of living.

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The reduced environmental impact of life in a micro home is also a persuasive factor. Many tiny homes are eco-friendly because they're made from repurposed or sustainable materials. And if the tiny house is built from scratch, a lower volume of materials is required thanks to the smaller footprint. The financial costs of running a micro home are also less significant than those related to a conventional property and will typically result in a lower carbon footprint.


Successful small space living is all about focusing on functionality and making carefully considered design decisions to maximise every single square inch of your home. We're talking cleverly designed, multi-functional spaces that work hard to earn their keep. Examples include open plan spaces that double as both an office and a living room, clever storage such as beds with built-in shelving, and desks which can fold up against the wall when not in use.

But that doesn't mean aesthetics need to take a back seat. Quite the opposite. If you're going to be staring at just four small walls, you need to make sure the colours, textures and materials you choose make your heart sing. So it's important to be as creative as possible when designing a tiny house interior to ensure it remains as fresh and inviting as possible for years to come.

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With all the challenges we've faced over the last 18 months, our need for a calming, restful home is greater than ever. Creating a safe and welcoming space to help combat stress and promote relaxation has become top of many homeowners' wish lists, regardless of the size of their property.

“People are looking for calm. With all the tech and screen time, the environmental and political landscape, I get a sense from talking with designers and homeowners that people are looking for their homes to be calm, quieting, soothing spaces where they can unplug and recharge.”
– Mitchell Parker, Editor, Houzz

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So how can you achieve this in a tiny home? Well, it's not as hard as you might think. The key is to adopt a simple approach to create a calm and clutter-free space. Less is more with a small home, so limit the number of items and select furniture with clean lines and natural, organic materials. Creating layers of texture and colour with soft, soothing fabrics will help give a relaxed, lived-in feel.

It's worth keeping your colour palette simple, too, by sticking to earthy colours inspired by nature such as reassuring greens, warm browns and gentle taupes. The end result? A calm, soothing sanctuary that you can sink into at the end of a long, hard day.

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