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Colour inspiration: an autumn of zen colours

As autumn approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, our natural response is to make our homes as cosy as possible as we hunker down in anticipation of the change of season. But which colours are likely to be leading the way this autumn? In this blog post, we take a look at the earthy colours which will be big news in the interiors world this autumn and how they can help evoke a calm, zen-like feel in your home.


Here at FibreGuard, our designers are always on top of the latest trend forecasts. After all the ups and downs of 2020, it seems that there is now a move towards a simpler, more authentic approach which takes its inspiration from the natural world.

As we predicted in our Trends Book 2021/2022, the challenges of life in a global pandemic paved the way for a move towards a simpler approach to interiors. Finding ourselves spending more and more time at home, the emphasis shifted towards a need for comforting, cocooning spaces with a focus on natural materials.

With many of us having to abandon conventional office life, a slower, simpler pace of life emerged as we sought to balance the demands of home and work. Simple, nostalgic hobbies such as baking, knitting and crafts were rediscovered, and with this came the trend for 'handcrafted' items such as rattan light fittings, wicker furniture and textured fabrics.

A shift towards earthy tones such as rusty reds and subtle greens also reflects changing attitudes to environmental issues. FibreGuard's more environmentally-friendly fabrics are proving increasingly popular and consumers are also keen to make sustainable choices such as opting for furniture made from FSC timber.


As many of us discovered during 2020, spending time in the great outdoors brings enormous benefits. Not only has being immersed in nature been shown to reduce stress levels and improve mood, exercising outside can also help ward off worrying health conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

Autumn colour trends reflect this lifestyle shift, with many of the new hues being inspired by the natural world. Rich olive greens and gentle moss greens are big for autumn 2021, particularly for kitchen cabinetry. Other earthy colours include autumnal tones such as chocolate brown, burnt orange and golden yellow. These reassuring shades keep our feet on the ground with their reminders of natural phenomena such as a lush forest floor or the furrows of a ploughed field.

"Take some serenity from organic sources by working with natural colours. Following nature’s lead is a wonderful way to add a restful finishing touch to your interiors.” – Nancy Claessens, FibreGuard's Visual Production Director

This inspiration from the natural world also applies to the furniture and accessories we're choosing for our homes this autumn.

Add rustic charm by selecting items made from natural materials such as rattan, bamboo and jute. Ikea's Buskbo chair is brilliant example of this trend, as is this lovely rattan basket from Anthropologie.

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You'll be relieved to hear that the new way to create a calm and comforting home this autumn is all about celebrating imperfection. Forget about the need to impress your guests, and think instead about creating a relaxed, layered look made up of earthy colours, quirky finds and rustic textures.

A lived-in look is the way to go here with layers of textured, natural fabrics such organic linen, cotton and wool. Reclaimed and vintage items such as cane furniture or a timber trunk will also add to this 'imperfect' look – with their patina and history only adding to the sense of authenticity.

Pair these characterful finds with equally grounding, dark-toned colours such as plum, rust and walnut to create a warm and welcoming autumnal space.

Available in a wide range of autumnal colours, our fabrics are soft and luxurious to the touch while being able to withstand the challenging demands of family life. Experience a world of colour and variety with FibreGuard fabrics.

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