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Style spotlight: urban rustic

There are lots of words that go together but shouldn’t.

‘Pineapple’ + ‘pizza’ come to mind as an example that just works (for some people anyway). Another word combo that sounds ridiculous at first is ‘urban rustic’. Surely they are the opposite of each other?

But no; the ‘urban rustic’ style of interior design is definitely a thing, and not only that: it's thriving.

So today we explain what exactly defines urban rustic interior design, and how you can achieve this style in your own interior spaces.


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Where does 'urban' come into the 'urban rustic' style?

At the end of the day, rustic decor styles actually do have something in common with more urban decor styles: they both focus on simplicity.

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This is easy to see in both styles because of recurring motifs - such as in their clean, modern lines or with organic, irregular textures that are beautiful in themselves.

That being said, the urban style of interior design is starkly modern when you compare it to rustic styles.

Volumes have been written about the varying styles of modern architecture and design, but when it comes to urban interior styles, four features come back over and over. They are:

  • the materials used - urban design focuses on hard surfaces like granite or glass,
  • incorporation of technology - this has been a major trend in interiors in recent years, seen particularly in the meteoric rise of the Internet of Things, resulting in the evolution of ‘smart’ homes with touch-screen devices integrated into interior spaces. The fusion of technology into interiors is an aspect of modern urban design where less is definitely more. No need to order that fridge that tells you when to order milk just yet.
  • efficient composition and use of space (this is super important because urban spaces, in particular, tend to be on the small side, requiring)
  • fusion of form and function - we see this especially in the modern industrial interior design style, celebrating and exposing the working parts of a building as its bottom line aesthetic.

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Modern design becomes distinctly urban when the edgy, gritty city street vibe is brought inside. Harking back to industrial design staples, urban design doesn’t shy away from experimenting with the juxtaposition of textures and unusual materials or decorative features.

Also very like industrial interior design, urban style interiors tend to focus on the functional architectural aspects of a space - exposed air ducts, unadorned pipe systems and exposed concrete ceiling support beams are all found here.

Urban interior styling is often surprising and full of eclectically unexpected design choices. That’s what makes it so fun!

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The essentials of rustic style interior decor

Rustic interior stylings can seem a little tame in comparison. That’s because they fix on another facet of the human experience: the need for a cosy, safe space that feels familiar and homey.

A bit like urban interior design, rustic style interior decor draws on a lot of different design styles and casts a broad net as a result.

This jostling of elements is a whole range of styles that are brought together by their common emphasis on ‘authentic’ and unrefined materials.

Wood and stone are commonly used in rustic interior styles, and the colour palettes tend towards more those with a more natural, elemental feel. Working with simple, ‘authentic’ materials is key here, shining through in how stone or even brick accent walls are a frequent ingredient in urban rustic spaces.

Using ‘basic’ materials like driftwood or reclaimed wood puts the emphasis on the natural beauty of the material itself, and uses it to create a visual feel that impacts on the atmosphere of a space.

Rustic decor styles are all about creating a natural, restful warmth, and it’s important to really focus on this. Soft textures, like velvets or snuggly knits, are welcome!

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Urban rustic decor is the best of both worlds

How do these apparently polar opposites mix together into a hybrid style?

Urban rustic is a decorative style that brings together the best elements from urban modern decor and rustic farmhouse decor

As a decorative style, urban rustic incorporates elements of country style, often with statement bohemian and vintage furniture pieces.

While urban rustic styling can go as far as being shabby chic in some places, the word ‘urban’ puts an emphatic stop! to the warm, homey feeling going too far. Think of it as the country meeting the city.

Urban decor styles are the modern antidote to the OTT maximalism of the past. The search for a stress-free living is fundamentally the defining characteristic of 2020 when stress levels are at an all-time high. What we’re all looking for is a retreat. Find more modern rustic interior ideas, and learn about our fabrics philosophy along the way!

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