colourful home office in the living room advice from Fibreguard

Productivity, remote work, and the psychology of colour

How do you stay productive when you’re working from home?

That’s the burning question, isn’t it?

A quick search on the internet yields a lot of advice:

  • turn off the internet and your phone notifications
  • declutter your desk
  • move your pets to the other room
  • keep your pet in the room with you
  • be messy and creative
  • pick the optimum Spotify playlist
  • coffee, coffee, coffee

It can get confusing.

The world has learned that work does not have to be done in a specific place in order to be executed successfully, which leaves the design and location of your workspace up to you.

In this post, we focus on setting up your own home office, in as large or as small a space as you might have.

We look exclusively at using psychological tricks to enhance your productivity, especially when it comes to the colours you pick for the interior of your home workspace.

Read on for specific colour advice, and remember: the more personal you get with your interior design, the better it will serve your needs.

colourful home office in the living room advice from Fibreguard

Increase your productivity while working remotely

How can you ensure that your time spent working remotely is as productive and fulfilling as possible?

After all, sometimes it’s hard to maintain focus for hours on end, no matter where your workplace is. There are ways to further increase the benefits of working remotely, and a big one is through your interior design choices.

If you are already working remotely or are planning to make the move to it in the near future, it’s time to get intentional with your design decisions and rethink your home office setup.


colourful home office in the living room advice from Fibreguard
colourful home office in the living room advice from Fibreguard
colourful home office in the living room advice from Fibreguard

Work smarter, not harder

You might have heard that phrase before.

It means that if you think about how you’re going to do something before you jump in and do it, you’ll increase your chances of success.

So get with the program, and start looking for clever ways to make your workday both easier and more productive.

One way you can do this is through going deep with your interior design ideas.

Modern offices are often home offices

Having your own space as a remote worker is crucial in keeping distractions away. It’s also really important to design your space to fit you and the way you work.

Setting up a dedicated home office can be hard when you don’t have a whole room to spare but fear not. If you have to carve out a small space for yourself in another part of the living room, for example, there are ways and means of doing that.

We suggest you do a little research on interior design for small spaces.

This post might help.

Some quick wins include:

  • Think of modular furniture that has multiple uses
  • Another thing we’ve learned is that utilizing the walls over your desk can be really handy when working in a tight space: go vertical.

How to hack your productivity with colour psychology

Colours, as you might have guessed, affect emotions and mood, just as much as access to natural light, or as much as how much water you’re drinking (note: drink more water).

colourful home office in the living room advice from Fibreguard

There’s a science behind the colour paints used in offices that you can harness when decorating your remote workspace. Colour has automatic, unconscious associations in the mind of the viewer. This is one of the reasons brands work so hard with colour theorists to achieve the right effect.

Home office paint colour ideas

Thinking in terms of colour psychology, science and emotion are woven intricately together. You could say that working with colour is the key to improving your emotions using scientific methods.

Colours such as green are restful and increase focus. It’s a neutral colour as opposed to red, which can be warm and inviting but is also the colour of warning signs or traffic lights.

Like green, blue is another interesting colour choice for your home office because it encourages a certain calmness in the room’s occupants due to its distant, cool affect.

Purple is the colour of creativity and inspiration - no surprise there!

colourful home office in the living room advice from Fibreguard

Earthier shades are warmer but also darker: don’t paint an already-dim room in a brown shade. That being said, it’s a cosy, warm colour even if it does make the room look smaller.

Black or grey tones are both stylish and modern but use them sparingly as they can be overwhelming and distracting if you’re trying to work remotely.

Many people opt for white when decorating their interiors. It stimulates the feeling of a ‘blank slate’ in the mind, and as an aloof colour, it makes rooms feel bigger and helps to declutter your thoughts.

Colours, emotions and you

Which colours will you be working with when setting up your remote workspace?

Get in touch with us on social media (here’s our Facebook and our Instagram accounts) to talk about colour.

You can also read more about the importance of intentional design here on our blog.

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