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Organise, style, & design your interiors to do your best remote work

Between fast turnaround times and a plethora of viable candidates, it’s easy to see why remote work is on the rise. And the increase in available work vicariously generates more remote workers.

Which is awesome!

Remote workers provide quality services in a timely manner. All from the comfort of their home office. This great responsibility generates a phenomenal privilege too. Being able to choose the decor of your workspace!

There are loads of ways to redecorate your home office. However, ideally you want to find a visually appealing design that improves production. After all, increasing the number of completed assignments does wonders for your paycheck.

To get started on this marvelous decor journey, check this article out! We reveal our collection of business-savvy interior design ideas that are absolutely perfect for your home office.

Inspirational Design

Placing yourself in an idea sparking environment can lead to new ideas and concepts. One of the best ways to develop such a workplace is by following a fun, creative style we like to call the ‘inspirational design’. This style pumps up the volume with lively patterns that entice your eyes to bounce from piece to piece. If done correctly, the final result should generate a sense of cozy comfort, or hygge if you will.

Our favorite inspirational design options include a gallery wall and multi-purpose shelving. Your gallery can consist of any grouping of framed images you like. However, we recommend going with pieces that are a bit abstract. Preferably art that makes you feel inspired, calm, or happy.

As for the multi-purpose shelving, the combinations are endless. Remote workers that opt-in for this option can use the shelf space to store comfort items, statues, and other thought-provoking pieces.

Storage Solutions

Since remote employees are not bound to the traditional office setting, they have the freedom to choose how to go about organizing their storage area. And there are loads of ways to go about doing this!

For starters, you do not have to stick to plain flat shelves. Honeycomb shelves can generate a depth and inquisitiveness in your home office without a sense of clutter. Sure, this type of shelving can only hold so much compared to a long flat shelf. But the unique, modern design may be just the thing you need to get those creative juices flowing!

Having a flexible work life balance means a bountiful amount of options are available for you to explore. And storage space solutions are not exempt from this. So, if you are a fan of another method, by all means. Go for it!

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We’ve seen old filing cabinets look kinda fancy with a bit of life breathed into them. And most of us are familiar with the way pegboards make it easy to see where all your tools are located.

Or if they’ve wandered off somewhere.

Clutter Free Desk

Sitting at a clean work space definitely feels different than sitting at a messy one. And not in a good way. Clutter is basically a mess that hasn’t been cleaned up yet. Knowing this task needs to be done lingers in the back of your mind while you work. Overtime, this unfinished responsibility generates stress as well as other negative feelings.

But you can avoid this altogether! Take the time to keep your desk and workplace clutter free. Try to generate as much empty space as possible without sacrificing functionality of your set up. Seriously. It will do wonders for your overall mood and take a hefty chunk out of your stress-levels.

Add Plants

Research has shown having a plant nearby improves productivity. Namely, the psychological phenomenon tends to generate a persistent calm. One that is capable of helping people stay focused and thus more likely to enter the zen like state known as the zone.

Plus, plants love all of that carbon dioxide you are breathing out. To show their affection, they supply you with fresh oxygen. Which is good for your health and overall well-being. See, having your own home office means you can shut the door on the world and get things done.

But that shut door also means carbon dioxide is likely to build up in the room. High levels of the stuff can make you feel dizzy, drowsy, and lethargic if left unchecked. So, treat yourself and your home office to a delightful potted plant for optimal results.

Command Position

Being able to see what is going on in an environment tends to make people more confident and safe. Due to this, we highly recommend structuring your home office around the Command Position. This Fung Shui design involves moving your desk around to a place where you feel empowered.

Depending on your interior architecture, this may be in a spot where you can see the door in your workplace. But not specifically in front of it. Try to position your desk diagonally from the entryway. That way you can see what is going on all around you and put your mind at ease.

Increasing productivity by revamping the interior design in your home office is a brilliant idea. We hope you treat yourself to this delightful experience and share the journey on social media.

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