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Expert styling tips for your living room

These are the years of the hybrid interior design style, from Japandi to urban rustic to cottage industrial. This is really interesting for trend watchers: it means that we’re moving away from fixed design styles and into a world of customisation and personal choices.

Living room interiors are more personalised than ever

Hybrid interior stylings are a trend of their own: we’re seeing picking and mixing going on all over the world, from hotel lobbies to living rooms in private homes to bars and cafes.

Three hybrid styles that came to the fore for us were:

  • Urban rustic design
  • Maximalist décor with a minimalist twist
  • Modern glam interiors

Let’s have a brief look at the core tenets of each of these styles.

Hybrid interior styling for your living room interior

Where does the ‘urban’ come in anyway?

At the end of the day, rustic decor styles actually do have something in common with more urban decor styles: they both focus on using materials at hand and working with the architecture you have. We’re talking a lot of brushed concrete, exposed beams and warm yet understated colourways.

This is easy to see in both styles because of recurring motifs - such as in their clean, modern lines or with organic, irregular textures that are beautiful in themselves.

Read more in our spotlight on urban rustic interiors.

More is more décor – now with 90% added minimalist ethos

Maximalist design is more than just owning a lot of stuff and displaying it everywhere. It’s also about playing with texture, pattern, layering and colour.

We’ve seen a shift away from interiors that are purely maximalist towards a more zen interpretation of this school of design.

Focusing on key statement pieces and broad brushstrokes with bold colours means that this hybrid form of maximalism can work even in small space homes.

Glamourous room designs with a modern sophistocation

Speaking of maximalism, 2020 is about playing fast and loose with the accepted and unspoken rules of interior design.

Modern glam décor wants you to have fun in the present without forgetting the past, and above all to keep things interesting…because after all, we’re living in interesting times.

Read more about modern glam here and find out what neutral glam can do for your living room.

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Luxurious living rooms don’t have to mean overspending

We did an interview with interior architect Hanne Gathe where she raised some important points about glam décor and your wallet.

“A luxurious home does not have to be filled with expensive things, but I would advise investing in some key pieces, like an accent chair, lighting or art. Great lighting can be like art, and when it’s hanging from the ceiling, it’s one of the few things your kids cannot reach. It will last you longer! Investing in art is another great tip. Hang one big piece above your sofa: it makes a statement and it frames your room. I bought many of my art pieces on auction, where I got great deals.

Another idea to luxe it up is to accessorise. Get a nice coffee table and fill it with books, candles and flowers. You can find great pieces at H&M Home, Zara Home, West Elm and CB2 that won’t break the bank. Head over to Pinterest for styling inspiration! Last but not least: add some fresh flowers to your home. It’s the one weekly luxury I treat myself to, and I always go with the seasons."

Let your colour tastes guide your living room style

Colour doesn’t have to mean ‘colour explosion’: but it can if you want! However, if you’re scared you’ll end up with some manner of awful colour explosion, take a deep breath and get grounded (try staring at some sage green online if you want).

Our guide to banishing seasonal blues has some great tips for your living room: feel free to turn the saturation up to 11 or go a bit softer. Whatever suits you, your needs, and your space.

It’s the holistic aspect to interior design that takes everything in the space into account, from the textures to the particular shade of paint used, to the materials in the lampshades.

If you don’t want to go all-over monotone, there are loads of clever paint hacks you can do at home, and fantastic colour combos you can steal from office spaces and bedrooms:

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"What if we told you don't have to splurge on wallpaper to have a cool and chic wall treatment in your home, and that all you really need is PAINT." Emily Henderson is the New York Times bestselling author of STYLED. Read more on her Instagram.

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Bright colours and geometric forms used by the 1980s Memphis Group influenced the interior design of Masquespacio's studio space in Valencia. Read more on dezeen.

The bottom line: playfulness thrives in modern living room décor

Playfulness is key for living room interiors in the coming months. Thinking about your use of colour and working outside the box can really transform your living room space into a space that is truly yours. The rules are that there are no rules.

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