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Why modern glam is the ultimate 2020 decor trend

There are easy ways to find out if you are into modern glam décor:

  • Your favourite movies are either Gone With The Wind or in black and white
  • Marble and gold-leaf are your beloveds
  • Chandeliers are for every room, right? Even the garage (in millennial pink, of course)?
  • You love velvet
  • It takes tiles to tango: you know what film this is from, and heartily agree

Read on for our take on the hottest trend for 2020 interior décor. What does it mean for you as a designer? How can you make it work?

But first, what is modern glam?

This styling trend is less of a facelift of the Hollywood Regency interiors of old, and more of a combination of modern hybrid décor trends …with a generous touch of glitz. When comparing vintage glamour décor with modern glam…think old-school luxe meets fashion-forward thinking.

As with all interior trends, the best question you can ask yourself before incorporating it into your interior design is: why is this trending now? What is modern glam trying to tell us about the world we live in today?

As a trend, modern glam décor is here to tell you to throw all the décor rules out the window. It wants you to have fun in the present without forgetting the past, and above all to keep things interesting…because after all, we’re living in interesting times.

Let’s look a bit further at what we can learn from this trend.

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The first rule of modern glam décor is that there are no rules

As we mentioned above, nothing here is sacred when it comes to harnessing the power of this interior décor trend. It’s time to play fast and loose with the accepted and unspoken rules of interior design.

You have permission to mix and match styles.

Make your own unique hybrid interior style firmly puts your stamp on a space.

Yes, even shabby chic glam is a thing!

Hybrid interior stylings are a trend of their own: we’re seeing picking and mixing going on all over the world, from hotel lobbies to living rooms to cafes.

You have permission to mix and match metals

Decorating with metallic tones has never been so much fun now that modern glam décor gives you have free reign to play with texture and brightness. Not sure whether to choose gold or silver décor? Why not both? Adding shimmer to an interior space follows the ‘if it looks cool on your mood board visualisation, go with it’ way of thinking.

Take texture further

Working with the textures of an interior space can give it a feeling of depth without it being too OTT (unless you want it to be). Textured interior furnishings and soft pillows are your friends, as is using textured wallcoverings – which is a trend on its own, actually, and worth an entire blog post all by itself.

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Neutral glam: the understatedly elegant, yet budget-friendly option

Achieving a fresh, contemporary feel in a space isn’t as easy as you might think. Can modern glam even pull it off? Hint: that’s where the ‘modern’ in ‘modern glam’ comes in.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that neutral interior décor and modern glam décor just can’t go together. ‘Neutral glam’ in itself sounds like an oxymoron.

Trend spotted: marble is a fabulous material to use in a neutral glam setting. It celebrates the timeless glamour of imperfect organic textures and forms, so go wild. You have our permission.

At its purest, though, neutral glam is a modern hybrid styling that takes the best elements of neutral design schemes and mixes these simple concepts and materials with a dash of glitter and glitz.

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How to make neutral glam for your interior?

One: look first to the colour scheme of your décor.

Pastels, for example, can take the severe edge off your neutral look, if you’re not willing to go the full way with contemporary materials such as exposed concrete, unfinished wood and raw brick.

Not everything in a neutral space needs to be greige!

Greige is simply beige + grey. The addition of grey to beige creates a richer colour, one that can work in both cool and warm colour schemes. – the Spruce

Choosing a colour scheme that works throughout your space can unify people’s experience of it, creating balance and harmony between one room and the next. Neutral colour schemes are perfect for this, just saying.

Two: then look to the lighting - it is a radically inexpensive way to infuse new life into a room without forking out for a complete refit. Working with lighting is one of the more subtle tricks of the interior design trade and one of the more affordable home décor options to boot.

Lights are the jewellery of the home, and you can glam up the effect by contrasting soft ambient lighting with more dramatic lighting.

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Keep it interesting: advice for life and interior décor

Just like in life, not everything has to function. Form for the sake of form, or art for the sake of art, is also good. Items can be added into a room just to make a statement. For minimalist interiors, this is obviously just not done, but with modern glam styling, it’s OK.

Trend spotted: FYI, statement headboards are huge for 2020. Check out our post that features them at length here.

Adding visual interest into a space can be as simple as adding wall décor as a focal point. Or a sumptuous velvet sofa to command the room as a statement piece. Or why not just go the whole way and add in a chandelier.

Now that we’ve had an in-depth look at modern glam, here’s our favourite Instagram finds to really show you what we mean!

Get inspired, explore and remember: everyone needs a touch of razzle-dazzle in their lives at some point. If not now, when?

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