Cosy cup of tea staying home

The cosiest interior design ideas we’ve ever had for your autumn refresh

The changing of the season means a sea-change in trends, influencing everything from coffee to fashion to interior design.

The main reason we love autumn so much is because of that cosy ‘hygge’ feeling that it’s so hard to find in other seasons (including winter, when everything is so cold and still).

It’s all about savouring the little things, and your decor is no different.

Read on for ways to update your home interior in keeping with the season!

Cosy cup of tea staying home

This moodboard is from our blog post about earthy, calming colours we're seeing everywhere in autumn - check it out: Colour inspiration: an autumn of zen colours

Make staying home a joy

With the turning of the leaves to their autumnal colour-show, there are sumptuous velvet sofas, diffused, glowy lighting and giant knit throws appearing everywhere you look. Which is great, because getting snug and warm at home is the single best thing you can do when the temperature starts dipping.

So in this post, we’re focusing on two of our homes’ most comfy focal points: the living room and the bedroom. This is because they’re the rooms that are sparking the most joy for us in this colder weather.

Cosy cup of tea staying home
Cosy cup of tea staying home

Autumn colours for cosy interiors

Colours can’t be ignored when you’re looking at an autumn update for your home interior. They’re the up-front factor that heralds each season.

We suggest that you go for warm colours that make you think of a flickering fire – squash orange, garnet red, mulberry purple, warm caramel browns.

What are the autumn colours that really get your juices flowing?

Here is a whole palette of autumnal eye-candy, ranging from easy-to-clean upholstery fabric to drapery to both multifunctional fabrics! All of these are FibreGuard fabrics, easy to clean and ready for anything.

Now that your imagination is fully saturated (get it?) with different shades of the spookiest season, grab that hot chocolate and read on for three interior design ideas particularly for bedrooms with smaller available space.

Autumn-inspired interior design ideas for small bedrooms

Let’s begin where the day begins: in the bedroom.

Apply these tips to bedrooms of all sizes, but for the owners of smaller bedrooms, we’re looking at you specifically.

Smaller interiors don’t really lend themselves to busy décor, as the spaces are easily overwhelmed by too many design elements in one room. Because of this, a persistent interior design myth about smaller bedrooms is that minimalist interior design is the only way you can make it work.

We’re here to tell you: NO.

You don’t have to be as severely minimalist as you might think with your tiny bedroom interior. Yes, clutter is bad, but there are ways to work with the stuff you own rather than throwing it all out.

So we’re rising to the challenge! Here are our three small-space interior design ideas that will transform your bedroom into an autumnal haven you never want to leave:

1. Decorate your bed. One of the small things to be savoured this season is being warm. Give your room a balmy boost with a ceiling canopy over your bed. Try working with different fabrics too, piling the different textures together! Don’t worry if your ceiling canopy isn’t perfect—the more bohemian your drapery work looks, the better.

2. Speaking of mixing and matching texture: this is as important in small bedroom interiors as it is in larger communal spaces. The keyword here is ‘tactile’ – choose those fabrics that feel the best in your hands. Go to the physical shop and touch every fabric sample that catches your eye. Layer them all up together and you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug.

3. Top off your bedroom makeover off by using softer, accent lighting, reminiscent of candlelight, and amp up that hazy glow.

Cosy cup of tea staying home

It's curtains for darker days

Getting some much-needed shuteye in your homely autumn surroundings is paramount to help your immune system make it through the seasonal transition.

Curtains and heavier drapery are an attractive and relatively simple way to add depth and interest to any interior design scheme…one that can also help you keep the chill outside where it belongs.

We love the look of layered curtains and drapery (we're not biased, honest)

It’s easy to work with dim outs over sheers to filter the light, adding heavier drapery on top to keep in the warmth.

Did you know though as well that curtains could control the sound levels in your home by absorbing or reflecting sound waves as well?

This is incredibly important to remember for bedrooms, of course, but also for living spaces like living rooms in a noisy apartment block.

Cosy cup of tea staying home

Feeling a bit cosier?

We hope this post has warmed the cockles of your heart and that you’re ready to start on the incredibly fun journey of seasonal interior design.

Get in touch about our wide variety of fabrics, and while you're at it, let us know what you thought of this post!

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