comfy hygge cat  the ultimate guide to staying in

The ultimate guide to staying in

We’re in an epidemic of ‘yes’. Many people are either afraid of spending too much time alone (because they’ll get bored), or else they’re afraid to decline invites (because of what they might miss out on).

This leads to people saying ‘yes’ to everything that pops up in their lives. It’s leading to rising stress, overwork, burnout, and the dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out).

We’re here today to tell you that there’s another way, and we know that because we read a book on it: The Joy of Missing Out, by Svend Brinkmann.

Yes, you read that right: the joy of missing out

This post is about saying no to that invite/lunch meeting/13th messenger notification.

It’s about taking a break, staying home and seeing what happens. To try this out ourselves, we took a weekend and stayed in. It was actually great and helped us unwind in ways we didn’t even know we needed to.

Here is what we learned.

comfy hygge cat  the ultimate guide to staying in
comfy hygge cat  the ultimate guide to staying in

Stay in and get touchy-feely

It’s easy to lose touch with your senses and get stuck in your thoughts all day. One thing our weekend of staying in taught us is how to get up-front and personal with our senses again.

The sense of touch is one of our greatest allies in the search for ultimate relaxation, and it’s easy to ignore this. Here are some ideas to reinvigorate your sense of touch and come back in connection with yourself:

  1. Treat yourself to breakfast in bed with lots of blankets, fluffy pillows, and your favourite book
  2. Snuggle up on your sofa with a cosy throw and knit socks
  3. Floor pillows and pouffes for your feet heighten the chill-out factor
  4. Design your interiors with a deliberate focus on you-time. Read more here about intentional design.
comfy hygge cat  the ultimate guide to staying in

From Interior_Delux on Instagram

comfy hygge cat  the ultimate guide to staying in

From Vibeke J Dyremyhr on Instagram

Varying textures is a wonderful way to stimulate your sense of touch. Layering textures can add depth to a room visually, but also delight your senses. By ‘texture’, we mean faux fur rugs, lavish velvet upholstery, chunky knit fabrics and, above all, softness.

Softness is a key factor in helping you wind down, and we’re not only talking about home furnishings such as sofas or armchairs. While you’re at it, you should soften your lighting too.

‘Sensory relaxation’ doesn’t need to mean sensory deprivation tanks

Diffusing your lighting is easy with fairy lights, or even just by using candles if you don’t have fairy lights. We found that candlelight is not only incredibly relaxing; it made us all 80% better-looking instantly! Bonus!

Other things we loved about staying in include pulling out the essential oil diffuser and breaking out our stash of herbal tea. Engage those senses and you’ll be winding down in no time.

comfy hygge cat  the ultimate guide to staying in
comfy hygge cat  the ultimate guide to staying in

Staying in is the new going out

Really, you never have to go outside ever again.

Yes, we’re being a bit facetious here, but hear us out.

Here are our three steps to never leaving the house again:

  1. You can bring the outside indoors through plants and greenery. Opt for natural, organic colours and textures like wood and wool-feel fabrics (read this post to get started on using colour to your advantage)
  2. Throw open the windows and curtains to let the natural light and air in
  3. Invite friends over for a board game night or some communal cooking.

Doesn’t that sound perfect?

comfy hygge cat  the ultimate guide to staying in
comfy hygge cat  the ultimate guide to staying in

Bonus tips to make the most of missing out

The following tips didn’t make it to our headliner list, but we’re including them because we like you and want you to never fear missing out ever again.

  • Start your free time at home off on the right foot by working on your morning routine to bring some space and quiet into your day
  • We also highly recommend taking some time out in the morning while curled up on a cosy armchair (upholstered with FibreGuard fabric, obviously) with a meditation app or podcast.

When was the last time you said no?

You have our permission to use this blog post as a reference the next time you’re feeling frazzled or a bit overwhelmed by everything going on in your life.

Print it off and stick it on your wall/fridge/ceiling.

Never be afraid to take a step back and say no to those invites, notifications, emails and reminders, no matter how pressing they might feel.

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