Mk Salt Rock Restaurant Interior

FibreGuard at Mike's Kitchen Restaurants

Have you heard about Mike’s Kitchen? This restaurant chain is a staple throughout South Africa, and well known for its typical South African dishes and extensive breakfast menu.

The first Mike’s Kitchen was opened in greenside, Johannesburg in 1972 – so you can see, there is a lot of history there. They have been welcoming families into their restaurants for over four decades now; so the choice for FibreGuard fabrics was a match made in heaven, as caring for families is in our brand DNA.

FibreGuard's stain resistant fabrics were used throughout the restaurant

Our customer, Symmetry Interior Architectural Design, worked on the refresh of the chain’s interiors. FibreGuard fabrics were used throughout the restaurants, to upholster the dining chairs and the ottomans in the play areas.

Gorgeous colours from our Centurion collection were used to create warm accents. Mustard yellows and deep reds make for a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

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Mk Salt Rock Restaurant Interior

Why is FibreGuard fabric perfect for your restaurant or bar?

FibreGuard fabrics are woven to protect. They are implemented with a stain-free technology, which makes them easy to clean, thus perfect for restaurant or bar interiors. No need to worry about wine stains or pasta sauce smudges! Welcoming customers into your business will be even more pleasant.

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