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Choosing couch upholstery and cushions for RV camper van life

Carefully chosen furnishing fabric for motorhome seating and cushion covers can have so many benefits beyond just aesthetic appeal. There are just so many things to consider, including basic camper furniture maintenance, colour palette choices, light control, heat insulation, and more.

Today we take a deep dive into how to make the best choice for you when it comes to campervan upholstery. Ready? Buckle up those seatbelts!

RV interior upholstery: choosing the best materials for campervan furniture

Vanlifers love discovering new products and finding materials that reflect their style and values as well as fit in perfectly with a carefree life on the road. At FibreGuard, of course we have some ideas of our own when it comes to campervan interior styling, and of course we have passionate opinions on recreational vehicle (RV) interior fabrics. First thing’s first: the best advice we could ever give you is to never underestimate the power of an upholstery refresh to revive a tired interior.

Your Camper is your Casa. Treat it with the respect it deserves. - VanTheory

FibreGuard's fabrics are high performance RV-ready materials that are ready for a life of adventure.

Making the right choice with furnishing fabric for seating and cushion covers is an instant winner and well worth the research. It can add a touch of relaxed individuality to a van in so many ways, from textural interest to that all-important pop of colour.

Alongside other camper van accessories such as pot plants and fairy lights (if you want), interior performance fabrics can help build up the overall vibe of your nomadic home away from home.

Choosing décor colours for your campervan interior

If you have pets on the road with you, many people would tell you to choose your upholstery colours wisely. Our performance fabrics make the choice easier for you, though! Even our white and neutral upholstery fabrics are stain-resistant with high class standards of proven durability.

So when it comes to colour, the world is your oyster if you go with FibreGuard. We suggest cool blues and warm, earthy tones to complement the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, reflecting the hues of the natural world.

Maintaining the upholstery fabrics in your RV

There is more to a gorgeous campervan interior than fabulous upholstery that’s comfortable against your skin. As decreed by the intrepid explorers at VanTheory, Cleanliness Is Vanliness. You may find that keeping your home spick and span is more challenging when your home is a van.

This is why campervan upholstery fabric must be hardwearing as well as, preferably, a specially-designed stain-resistant fabric that’s easy to maintain.

Honestly, these are a lot of high-performance boxes to tick.

Scottish highlands vanlife
Scottish highlands vanlife
Scottish highlands vanlife
Scottish highlands vanlife

“It is important that we work together to be good to each other, and to this earth. We should act in ways that help and support each other.” The Top 5 Rules Of Vanlife, Two Roaming Souls

Living in a van comes with dust from travelling, as well as everyday wear, tear, and dirt. Light-coloured couch cushions and bedding from any other fabric brand can be hard to keep clean. With our fabrics, however, taking preventative cleaning measures, such as covering dinette cushions with towels to protect them from your dogs’ paws, is a thing of the past.

Choosing better fabrics for a more sustainable life on the road

We believe life is complicated, but living doesn’t have to be. A sense of slowing down and reconnecting with nature and ourselves: this is what the #Vanlife movement is all about. You only need to scroll through #Vanlife posts on Instagram to feel this love of authentic living, shining through pictures and videos of charming camper vans opening onto spectacular views of beaches, lakes, or mountains.

If you’re looking to upgrade your furniture or want a new look for your home, then upholstery is the way to go. Upholstery fabric can change the way a room looks and feels, but it’s important to choose the right one so that you don’t end up with regrets later. Here are some tips on how to choose the best upholstery fabric for you.

Scottish highlands vanlife
Scottish highlands vanlife
Scottish highlands vanlife
Scottish highlands vanlife

We are dedicated to safety and textile sustainability at FibreGuard, both in our work practices and our products. We choose the textile mills and suppliers we work with very carefully to meet these high values, and work tirelessly with existing partnerships to improve.

Operationally, we run our business guided by Quality Management, which concerns all topics related to Quality, Environment, Safety and Health and well-being (QESH). The process is collaborative, consultative and grounded in an approach that asks us to think about the future we all want.

After all, when it comes to making better choices, we’re all in this together.

RV-ready fabrics that transform your camper into the (motor)home you never want to park

The irresistible freedom of the road coupled with the great outdoors means sourcing the best RV-ready materials that can handle the demands of both.

Don't worry about accidental spills, playful children or dirty paws: FibreGuard’s pet-friendly fabrics are stain-resistant and easily cleanable.

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