Villa Sofa styled cosycribs

Boho room decor ideas for a carefree home

While some interior styles are hard to achieve, the Bohemian trend is relatively easy to pull off: and it's one we love here at FibreGuard. It celebrates an ‘anything goes’ vibe with an emphasis on carefree layers of pattern, texture and colour. This eclectic style celebrates freedom, relaxed living and the joy of creative expression.

Our stylish and durable performance upholstery makes it easy to style your dream bohemian chic home. A match made in heaven! Here are our top tips to make this interior style your own. Let's go!

Back to basics: what are boho interiors?

Bohemian style, also known as ‘Boho Chic’, is a free-spirited interiors trend celebrating pattern, texture and unconventionality. Inspired by the lifestyles of artists, writers and free thinkers in late Eighteenth Century France, Boho style welcomes a relaxed vibe in which retro items and globally-inspired pieces shine.

“There is a limitless appeal to boho design, a sense of being free to embrace many patterns and colours to create an interior that will bring pure joy. This is perhaps because at its heart, every detail has been chosen because it is loved, and this ensures that bohemian design is very individual.” – Stefan Ormenisan, Creative Director at interiors brand Mind The Gap

Colour is an easy way to start building your boho chic room style

When it comes to colour choices for Bohemian interiors, it’s all about earthy shades such as browns, greens and muddy beiges to create the perfect backdrop for rustic additions such as patterned rugs and handcrafted accessories.

A richer palette of plums, terracotta and burnt oranges can be layered upon this foundation to embrace the ‘more is more’ nature of Boho style.

“Boho decor encapsulates a neutral and earthy colour palette, incorporating natural materials, such as rattan and wicker. The look is brought to life with plenty of calm-inducing tones, chalky white, soft grey, nude and pops of rusty red. The look is complemented with lots of plants to bring the outside in, adding pops of green.” – Nadia McCowan Hill, Style Advisor at Wayfair
Villa Sofa styled cosycribs

Check out this living room with its modern twist on the classic boho chic style - thanks to FibreGuard's high performance upholstery.

Villa Sofa styled cosycribs

The Monte Carlo Armchair is a boho twist on a classic tub chair and is available in Australia via Abide Interiors. FibreGuard's stain resistant upholstery included!

Villa Sofa styled cosycribs

Embrace a more colourful boho side with deep jewel tones and lots of lovely texture in this photo by Nicolas Gourguechon Photography. Get more rich, comforting colour ideas from: Colour inspiration: an autumn of zen colours

Layer fabric textures for a sophisticated boho chic look

Natural textures are absolutely key to Boho style, so go big with layers of contrasting linens, woven fabrics and bold patterns. A fluffy berber rug makes a great starting point, and any soft furnishings should be adorned with rustic fringing, pom poms and tassels.

“Boho style is defined by feeling relaxed and not tailored. The colours should vary and harmonise; there should be mixes of textures and fabrics and everything should exude a somewhat ‘loose’ feeling.” ­– Jessica Davis, Founder of interior design studio JL Design

Natural materials such as rattan, cane, bamboo and wicker also have an important role to play here. And top Boho marks will be awarded to anything with a worn and lived-in look, so vintage and pre-loved pieces are spot-on for this trend.

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Villa Sofa styled cosycribs

Play with textures and layering to achieve the perfect bohemian style! Handmade items such as this woven wall hanging are great additions to every carefree paradise. Source: Instagram.

Villa Sofa styled cosycribs

Take a peek at this beautifully bohemian dining room and its fabulous tablescape! From Kyla MaGrath Interiors on Instagram.

Embrace comfort in boho style for a laidback vibe you'll love

The Boho look is all about lazing about in comfort, so forget about contemporary straight lines. Instead, opt for relaxed, curved seating such as chaise longues, daybeds or 1970s-inspired hanging egg chairs.

FibreGuard’s luxuriously soft fabrics are a great way to create comfortable seating or opulent drapes as you embrace a laid-back, Bohemian spirit. The Monte Carlo Armchair, for example, is a boho twist on a classic tub chair and is available in Australia via Abide Interiors.

Crafted from sustainable teak and natural rattan, and featuring FibreGuard’s cream-coloured, stain-resistant fabric, this chair would sit perfectly within a Boho interior.

The Three-Seater Villa Sofa from CosyCribs, another Australian company, is also covered in FibreGuard’s high performance fabric. Its American oak frame and pared-back styling makes it the perfect neutral piece upon which to layer your Bohemian elements. Dress it with a multi-coloured ikat throw or a rustic kelim to express your Boho side.

Villa Sofa styled cosycribs

The Three-Seater Villa Sofa from CosyCribs, upholstered in our beautiful high performance fabrics. Scared of white decor because of stains? Worry not: Are white couches a bad idea?

Villa Sofa styled cosycribs

Bringing boho chic decor outside is easy in this beautiful shaded outdoor lounge. Photo by Ann VanderWiel Wilde. Get more inspo: 5 ways to make your front porch functional and inviting

Mixing vintage and modern furniture in a boho chic living room

Mix and match pieces from a variety of eras to totally nail Boho style. Items with a handcrafted vibe are essential for this trend, so think about introducing accessories such as macramé wall hangings, embroidered cushions and rustic pottery.

Exotic lanterns, candles and table lamps can also be brought in to create a relaxed and welcoming feel.

Bringing the natural world into your interior is also a key part of mastering Bohemian style. Think ferns, yuccas and classic 70s rubber plants. Dot them around the floor and on elevated shelving. Or hang them from the ceiling via macramé plant holders for the ultimate Boho look.

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The best performance upholstery for the most comfortable homes

FibreGuard's selection of stain resistant fabrics ranges from vibrant colours to neutral tones so that you can find the perfect fabric to bring your boho room decor dreams to life. Each fibre is carefully crafted and made with high quality standards, making our fabrics a great choice for any home. So, what are you waiting for?

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