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Embrace a lifestyle of ‘idyllic idleness’ with the help of FibreGuard fabrics

In our increasingly busy world, sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing at all. This approach ties in with the latest trend for ‘idyllic idleness’, a concept that celebrates doing nothing as an antidote to the constant stimulation of modern life.

Championing a slower pace, ‘idyllic idleness’ encourages moments of nothingness, even boredom, in which you can relax, rest and recover.

Can doing nothing, once in a while, actually be the secret to a happier and healthier life? In this blog, we explore the topic of doing nothing, and find out how FibreGuard’s easy-to-clean upholstery can help you have more time to yourself.

What is ‘idyllic idleness’?

In a world in which busyness is celebrated, we’re seeing a move towards a slower pace of life. The concept of ‘slow living’ has been a growing trend over the past few years, recognising the health benefits of stepping back from an ‘always on the go’ lifestyle.

Slowing things down even further, the concept of ‘idyllic idleness’ advocates doing absolutely nothing. Removing stimuli such as screens and reading material encourages the mind to wander. Proponents of this practice believe that boredom can be good for us, allowing creativity to flourish as the stresses and strains slip away.

However, there’s an important distinction to be made between idleness and laziness. While the latter has negative connotations, being idle is about finding meaning in stillness while resting and recharging. Exactly what we need in this increasingly high octane world.

This slower pace of life also links in with a related trend called 'niksen', a Dutch concept which celebrates doing absolutely nothing. Practicing niksen could involve chilling out in the bath or simply gazing out of the window. Switching off from the ‘busyness’ of daily life and simply enjoying being in the moment is thought to reduce anxiety and create better emotional connections.

“We all need a bit of boredom to realize that we must seek new things that could bring us joy. In a world where overwork and busyness are the status quo, taking time to sleep, to embrace slowness and be present in the now are acts of defiance.” – Leticia Credido, founder of slow living lifestyle brand Leticia Credido

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An introduction to FibreGuard’s stain-resistant upholstery

Let’s face it, lots of us would love to laze around doing nothing, but how to you find time for moments of ‘idyllic idleness’? One way to carve out more free time is to ensure household chores are kept to a minimum.

At FibreGuard, we’re all about making life as easy as possible for you, which is one of the reasons why our upholstery fabrics are so simple to clean and maintain. Any spills or stains can easily be wiped away thanks to our embedded stain-resistant technology. Our fabrics are also highly durable and fade-resistant meaning they won’t deteriorate following washing and prolonged use.

So, instead of spending your free time scrubbing your sofa or worrying about mess and marks, you can chill out and embrace those precious idle moments.

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Creating the perfect ‘do nothing’ environment with FibreGuard

Once you’ve decided to earmark some ‘idle’ time, it’s important to create a cosy, welcoming space in which you can fully switch off. Nothing beats the feeling of comfort and contentment as you curl up on the sofa surrounded by soft, luxurious fabrics and cushions.

Alongside their durability and high performance, f’s fabrics are also luxuriously soft to the touch. Decadent velvets and textured bouclés are perfect for creating a cocoon-like space in which you can hunker down and embrace a simpler, slower pace of life.

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Embracing the art of doing nothing

While many of us instinctively feel uncomfortable with the notion of doing nothing, indulging in idleness actually brings many benefits. Having intentional downtime can serve to reduce anxiety – something we all need in today's busy world. And doing nothing is also brilliant for boosting creativity. Sometimes the big ideas will come when we give them space to flourish.

FibreGuard fabrics are here to help you embrace the art of doing nothing. If the dog jumps on the couch with muddy paws, there’s no need to worry! Any marks can easily be wiped away. Cleaning your FibreGuard furniture takes little to no time – reducing your stress levels and leaving you with more time to spend happily lounging on the sofa!

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To sum up, ‘idyllic idleness’ is something to be celebrated rather than feared. Benefits include improved mental wellbeing, enhanced creativity, and lower stress levels.

If you want to create more ‘me time’, FibreGuard is here to help. Our versatile, hard-wearing fabrics are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Less time spent cleaning means more time doing the thing you love, even if that’s doing absolutely nothing!

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