Fabrics fit for the healthcare industry

FibreGuard fabrics undergo extensive testing in independent laboratories for one reason: we care about what you need from your textiles. The fabric is also created with moisture barrier and anti-bacterial properties under the special line FibreGuard Pro for a permanent fresh and hygienic environment.

Read all about our testing procedures here.

Comfortable where it counts

Ensuring the comfort of patients is paramount in healthcare.

FibreGuard fabrics are soft and inviting to the touch, but don’t let that fool you: they’re tough and resilient as well.

A match made in practicality.

What our OEKO-TEX® certification means for you

Having an OEKO-TEX® certification guarantees that our fabrics release no harmful chemicals or finishes during use or washing.

This ensures that the interiors of your care environment will be patient-ready at all times.

Read more about our OEKO-TEX® certification.