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Slounge Comfort: slow living for wellbeing

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Join us as we unpack the concept of Slounge Comfort - where did it originate from, what are its core principles and what does it mean for the spaces which we design and live in?

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Slow, considered, authentic living

We’re incredibly excited about the future of fabrics and the rising trends that have boldly staked their claim as ones to keep a close eye on. And what could be more appealing than a trend which promotes comfort, harmony and exudes a timeless quality rarely seen by even the cream of the crop?

Slounge Comfort is a theme is built around ideas of introspection and internal spaces designed for reflection.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have all been forced to make more thoughtful decisions as the world slowed down around us - from this necessity, Slounge Comfort was born. And at its core, this overarching trend aims to create an environment to both process stress and heal from it.

Slower’ is not only in reference to state of mind but also longevity and sustainability.

Slounge Comfort is about bringing a quieter, more intentional mode of being into a post-cocooning world. Being away from the way things were – the so-called Old Normal – changed our notions of wellbeing.

In a way, Slounge Comfort is a call back to our article on ‘lagom’ interiors: these spaces too are all about authenticity. Lagom, as a design philosophy, concentrates on making considered, informed choices: choices that put people first. By concentrating on the act of choice, lagom leads design professionals towards creating spaces that honour the unique needs of the people who will be using them.

The colours and textures of Slounge Comfort

You might have noticed that Slounge Comfort is a homebody of a theme. Our homes, which became whole worlds for so many of us since the beginning of the pandemic, reflect our souls more than ever now.

But what about colour? What materials are central to this theme?

Slounge Comfort is very much about pairing desaturated colours with richer colour palettes and unfinished woods. Quilted materials, fluffy with neutral shades, warm up everything from the sofas in our living rooms to the architectural interiors we inhabit.

“Textured items make a home feel more approachable. The more texture you have in a space, the more you feel like you can live in it.” - Alison Davin, the founder and principal of San Francisco–based design firm Jute. - Architectural Digest

Comfortable curves in furniture and cabinetry

Our trend watchers have noticed something else too, and it slots in with Slounge Comfort beautifully. In furniture design, architecture, even renovations: from sleekly modern living room sofas to architecture with a hint of space-age retrofuture, curves are in. See it as a mini trend.

We believe that arcs and curves contribute to calm, attractive interior design schemes that complement a wide variety of styles harmoniously. It doesn’t matter so much the interior style you choose, when it comes to Slounge Comfort: together with a love of all things curved, the focus on the creation of safe and stress-free living spaces. Whatever they may look like is up to you.

slounge comfort art design and culture trend 2022_cover

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Slounge Comfort + Slow Living: lasting environmental impact

Intentional living demands that furniture and fabrics can withstand the test of time and endure even through extended use. ‘Slower’ is not only in reference to state of mind but also longevity and sustainability.

These beliefs are not new to FibreGuard. Our performance fabrics have been engineered to provide a true unity of comfortable style, environmental sustainability, and quality that never fades.

It’s true that life imitates art and art imitates life, and at FibreGuard we’re invigorated by the direction the textiles industry is taking as we champion principles that allow us to live as authentically as possible, while preserving and protecting for the future as well.

slounge comfort art design and culture trend 2022_cover

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slounge comfort art design and culture trend 2022_cover

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