French bulldogs interior upholstery

Moisture Barrier performance fabric: introducing FibreGuard Pro

We're proud to introduce our newest range of high-performance fabrics to you today.

FibreGuard Pro fabrics are anti-moisture, mildew and odour resistant, and antimicrobial, as well as being stunningly soft and easy to clean.

Oh, and this range is one of our most visually attractive yet, too!

Stopping the spread of germs with high performance upholstery fabrics

The special properties of our FibreGuard Pro fabric range ensure that liquid or moisture is not able to move through the fabric.

The result is that nasties like mildew and bad odours caused by accidental spills cannot attach themselves to the yarn or the upholstery foam on the inside of the furniture.

Secondly, the antimicrobial solution applied during fabric production and finishing gives the fabric that extra level of security to protect you, your loved ones, and everyone who touches it against germs and bacteria.

This makes FibreGuard Pro perfect for environments such as hospital receptions, care homes, hotels and restaurants, and even your home.

French bulldogs interior upholstery
French bulldogs interior upholstery

Fully breathable, human-friendly furniture fabrics

FibreGuard Pro fabrics are fully breathable and have a soft touch: perfect for upholstery and accessory applications.Many moisture barrier fabrics can be rigid and rough. FibreGuard Pro goes the extra mile to ensure the anti-moisture membrane applied is both flexible and breathable.

FibreGuard Pro fabrics are high-quality and hard-working in every sense

These fabrics are not only moisture-resistant but also stay strong and fresh for longer.

We’ve ensured this by providing only highly durable products that excel in mechanical upholstery textile tests such as:

  1. High Martindale and Wyzenbeek results. Learn more in our fabrics academy: Abrasion testing for performance fabrics: explaining Martindale and Wyzenbeek
  2. Achieving optimal results against pilling and brush pilling (ISO 12945-2, ASTM D 3511)
  3. Robust yarns and constructions ensure excellent performance in seam slippage testing (ISO 13936-2)
  4. Quality dye-stuffs means that FibreGuard Pro fabrics are colourfast to light and resistant to fading (ISO 105-B02)

How are FibreGuard Pro fabrics moisture and mildew resistant?

We have applied a light, breathable membrane to the back of our fabrics. It prevents any penetration of liquids while allowing air to circulate.

How are these performance fabrics anti-microbial?

During the production of FibreGuard Pro fabrics, an antimicrobial finish is applied using a specialised process.

This finish helps to protect the fabrics from the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms, providing an extra layer of protection for the fabrics and their users.

The finish also helps to increase the durability of the fabrics, allowing them to last longer and remain looking as good as new. Furthermore, the antimicrobial finish helps to maintain the fabric's colour, ensuring they look as good as the day they were purchased.

Are FibreGuard Pro fabrics still eco-conscious?

We are committed to our responsibility to ensure we find solutions for better products and product life cycles.

Like all other FibreGuard fabrics, the FibreGuard Pro range is certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® guaranteeing that our fabrics won’t release any harmful finishes or chemicals into the world.

Explore our full commitment to sustainability in the textiles industry.

Are FibreGuard Pro fabrics easily washable?

Yes, FibreGuard Pro fabrics are fully washable. Through constant testing, we’ve ensured that the soft touch, rich colour, and the dimensional stability of the fabric itself are all maintained throughout the washing process and life of the product.

Learn more about washability: Washing fabrics: a functional history and need-to-know facts

French bulldogs interior upholstery
French bulldogs interior upholstery
French bulldogs interior upholstery
French bulldogs interior upholstery

Moisture Barrier performance fabrics that you still want to touch

Honestly, the great innovation here with our FibreGuard Pro fabric range is not simply that it is anti-moisture.

It’s that this new range is moisture, odour, and mildew resistant, antimicrobial, stain-free, and still gorgeously soft to touch.

Keeping fabrics soft and inviting in high traffic spaces, and through multiple washings, is a challenge. We know this because this is exactly what we do.

Unmistakable luxury, undeniable durability: these are FibreGuard Pro fabrics. Learn more now.

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