Classic double room at Hotel Vilnia

FibreGuard fabrics at Hotel Vilnia****

Let us introduce you to Hotel Vilnia. This gorgeous four star hotel is located in the city center of Vilnius, Lithuania.

It is housed in a 19th century building, situated just opposite to the entrance to the Bernadine Garden and the Hill of the Three Crosses. Our customer Litena directed this project beautifully.

Originally built in the 19th century, Hotel Vilnia is situated in the heart of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius

'Peak' is featured throughout the hotel rooms

When you enter the hotel, you will feel right at home.

The synthesis of classic and modern vibes gives the impression of a relaxed yet stylish surrounding. There are 79 rooms available – classic or superior, all designed with eye for detail, all deserving of a visit.

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FibreGuard fabrics are featured throughout all hotel rooms; used to upholster the seating. Blue hues from the Peak collection make for stylish and comfortable sofas and ottomans. The peak collection consists of soft, matte chenille fabrics, which fit in perfectly with the current trend towards tenderness: switching off to find relaxation in comfort and warmth.

…and in the restaurant

Classic double room at Hotel Vilnia

The hotel is accompanied by Restaurant “Upė”, where the seating was also upholstered with FibreGuard fabrics. Perfect for (messy) eaters, young and old!

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Why choose FibreGuard fabrics for your hospitality project?

FibreGuard is a dreamy partner for every hospitality project that you might have in mind, because it is woven to protect. Our stain-free technology makes for durable fabrics that welcomes any guest, from playful children to demanding adults.

Soft; yet strong. Beautiful, yet bold. Ideal for hotel and restaurant upholstery, where durable and comfortable seating is to be expected.

The inviting touch and comfortable feeling of the fabrics will make your guests feel right at home. Sounds good, right?

Get in touch with our sales representatives today to kickstart your hospitality contract project.

Restaurant Upe Dining Table
Restaurant Upe Pale Blue Upholstery Shot
Hotel Vilnia - Blue Upholstered Couch
Hotel Vilnia - Room close up

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