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5 ways to make your front porch functional and inviting

They say that first impressions count, and what better way to make a good first impression than with an attractive and welcoming front porch? With the right styling choices, there’s no reason why your porch can’t become a lovely place to enjoy a drink with friends or simply sit and watch the world go by.

Here, we talk you through some simple ideas for small porch décor that will set the tone for the rest of your house and immediately make your visitors feel at home. Just follow our five easy steps to create the perfect outdoor living area.


Create a warm welcome with comfortable furnishings such as sinkably soft outdoor sofas and inviting loungers. If space allows, sectional furniture works well for an outdoor living area because it provides plenty of space for your guests, and the configuration can easily be changed according to your requirements.

Just make sure all the pieces you choose are weather resistant so they can stand up to the rigours of the great outdoors. FibreGuard’s Outdoor fabrics are not only highly durable, they’re also resistant to stains and mildew, making them perfect for use in your porch or garden room.

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Fibreguard outdoor veranda space indoor outdoor

Use colours or an area rug (or both!) to create a zone in your outdoor space. For more tips on creating garden rooms: Garden picnics and outdoor tea parties: the ultimate FibreGuard style guide

Fibreguard outdoor veranda space indoor outdoor

Worried about caring for your porch or veranda furniture when the weather turns bad? Here's our complete guide to help you out: How to clean and care for your outdoor furniture throughout the seasons


Make your porch as homely as possible with eye-catching accessories such as boho lanterns, outdoor rugs and mirrors. You can also make a visual link between the house and garden by introducing lots of colourful plants and flowers in decorative pots.

Rustic textures also work well for front porch decor. Teak is a great choice for porch furniture because it can stand up to whatever the weather throws at it. And rattan, cane or bamboo side tables are a great way to add functional texture while being light enough to be stored away when the rain arrives.

If your porch is big enough, why not go the whole hog and bring in the ultimate porch accessory? A swing seat suspended from the roof. Both fun and relaxing, it’s sure to be a hit with kids and guests alike.

Don’t forget about your porch ceiling. You can add visual interest here, too, by painting it in a bold colour or adding texture with tongue-and-grove panelling.

Fibreguard outdoor veranda space indoor outdoor

This beautiful enclosed space is the work of artist and jeweler Neile Cooper, who handcrafted the stained glass panels depict flowers, birds, butterflies, and other nature-inspired scenes. Explore all the photos of this gorgeous glass cabin at Inhabitat.

Fibreguard outdoor veranda space indoor outdoor

This rustic swing has clean lines and a chic selection of colours in the scatter cushions - which are from our FibreGuard Outdoor collection, of course.


Add a welcome pop of colour colour to your front porch decor with fabrics in bright hues and daring patterns. Not only will bold colours give your porch amazing curb appeal, they are also a more practical choice for outdoor settings because they are less likely to show signs of wear and tear.

However, our soft and luxurious FibreGuard Outdoor furnishing fabrics stand up brilliantly to stains and odours, making them the perfect option for your porch or veranda.

Colourfast even in direct sunlight, FibreGuard Outdoor fabrics are also anti-microbial and anti-bacterial which means they combat the growth of mould and mildew as well as the spread of bacteria and germs.

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If your porch is big enough, it works well to zone the space – just as you might do with one of the rooms inside your home. You can use colour or accessories to delineate certain sections of your outdoor living area or you can use furniture to create the zones.

Relaxed seating around a coffee table or outdoor rug, for example, could become the perfect spot for coffee, and a small bistro table and chairs could be set up for a relaxed al fresco dining area.


Now this might not be for everyone, but another way of maximising the living space in your porch is to enclose it via the use of screens or curtains. This creates the sense of an outdoor room and gently blurs the lines between inside and out.

You can achieve this by putting up screens made from decorative steel panels, woven willow or contemporary slatted fencing. Or you can put up outdoor curtains from FibreGuard’s collection which are fade-proof and available in a choice of different colours and weights.

Either option will create shelter and privacy, as well as making you and your guests feel as if you’re in an additional room in your home, rather than merely sitting out on the porch.

Feeling inspired by our front porch decor ideas? Then take a look at our special Pinterest board for more inspiration and tips: The FibreGuard Guide to Outdoor Living.

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