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Will Jan-Félix take on the FibreGuard challenge?

FibreGuard has been installed in hotel upholstery around the world to protect customers and hotel staff from the widespread damage caused to furniture by accidental spills of wine, coffee, fruit juice and soda, for example.

Introducing the Corsendonk Hotels & Clubs

Corsendonk Hotels & Clubs boast a wide range of hotels, furnished apartments and camping parks in the Flemish region of Belgium. They also offer experiential packages for their guests to explore the nature in their holiday location, or the food and wine that the region of their hotel has to offer.

We went to the Corsendonk hotel in Hooge Heyde to interview their management staff about their decision to choose FibreGuard fabrics in their remodelling. They didn’t know that we brought a little surprise along too – keep reading to see their reaction!

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FG Challenge blog banner4
FG Challenge blog banner4

The FibreGuard fabrics solution

You can find a collection of our chenille upholstery fabrics on their furniture in the restaurant, lobby and guestrooms of the Hooge Heyde hotel in Lichtaart. The hotel also features a serene garden, a lovely terrace and great cycling routes nearby for guests to enjoy.

Chenille may refer to either a type of yarn or fabric made from it. It has a soft, cosy feel that people tend to want when searching for durable fabrics in contract settings. It has a bit of a reputation for being too delicate to use in high traffic areas, but that’s where our team of designers and textile engineers come in! FibreGuard chenille fabrics are not only soft and friendly to the touch; they’re also durable, fade-resistant and low maintenance.

The FibreGuard fabrics chosen reflect a desire to make each of the Corsendonk hotels a unique experience, rather than all of their hotels having the same homogenous look-and-feel.

This approach has proved to be an outstanding success for them, bestowing a distinctive experience upon guests no matter which location they stay in.

Explore everything that Corsendonk Hotels & Clubs have to offer on their website.

Unrivalled hospitality with family values

The management of Corsendonk Hotels & Clubs has been handed down from generation to generation. We got to chat with Jan-Félix Nédée, current head of Operations. He’s also the grandson of the original founder!

He thought we were just coming to film a video testimonial – and we did, with a slight twist. Little did Jan-Félix suspect that we had a special surprise in store for him to demonstrate just how easy to clean our FibreGuard contract-grade fabrics really are!

Watch the video to find out:

Stain-resistant contract fabrics: perfect for all hospitality projects

Fibreguard can definitely help the hospitality industry by creating upholstery that can resist staining and spills. Ideally, it could be used in a hotel lobby or common areas where people are likely to sit down and relax or eat their meals. If a stain isn't cleaned right away, it will likely become permanent over time. FibreGuard can assist hotels with appearing clean and tidy even in high traffic areas due to its stain resistance.

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