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What fabrics are best for when you have a dog?

What fabrics are best for when you have a dog?

It’s a question we get asked a lot, which is understandable. People come to us for advice about upholstery techniques, drapery fabric, textile design, and everything in-between, so why not this too?

People want to know if their comfy couch is a dog-friendly sofa, and how much furniture cleaning their life is now going to involve with the addition of a furry four-footer.

These are all reasons why we hosted the Dogs&Dinner event in Barcelona, Spain.

Pet-friendly spotlight on FibreGuard

We have two answers for which upholstery fabrics are the best for when you have pets, by the way.

The first one is short and to the point: FibreGuard.

The second one is longer and involves sunny Spain, insta-famous dogs, and delicious food.

What Barcelona, dog hair and sofa fabric have in common

The Dogs & Dinner event, facilitated by the Lamadrid group, took place in Barcelona because Barcelona is beautiful.

The city provided a fabulous backdrop to a unique event celebrating our furry friends in an unforgettable encounter that, ahem, left its mark.

Aside from a stellar opportunity to hug famous dogs, we were also looking for a way to highlight the pet-friendly properties of our fabrics, and this idea won paws-down because it was so fun.

We also chose this scenario because it hit two birds with one stone, proving that FibreGuard's collections really are easy to clean fabrics, even when doggos are concerned. They're also easy to maintain when it comes to food and drinks, whether there's a furry friend around or not.

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3.5 million Instagram followers combined

When we tallied up the followers for all of the #dogfluencers (sorry, couldn’t resist) who attended it came to a combined total of 3.5 million.

Along with their entourages, we had the opportunity to meet Eddie the Jack Russel, Sushi Puppieand Brego & Nami, among many others!

Miss. Sushi Puppie

Professional couch cleaning is so last century

Dog-friendly as proven by famous pooches and our own pets alike, FibreGuard fabrics can be cleaned by everyone, not just those in the professional cleaning business.

Say goodbye to steam cleaning your couch or frantically searching for couch cleaning services in your area.

None of this is necessary with FibreGuard fabrics.

Durable, cleanable, and open for collaborations

Aside from being easy to clean, FibreGuard's high-performance fabrics are also super durable thanks to the long list of mechanical textile tests they go through, not to mention the FibreGuard-specific tests (our special sauce).

Our fabrics are tested for sitting and cleaning, among other things, but not specifically for chewing (although we’re open to volunteer testers).

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