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Refurbishment of 200 rooms in FibreGuard

The Beacon Island Resort at Plettenberg Bay is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in South Africa.

With sun, sand, the warm Indian ocean and good times as a guarantee, Beacon Island's idyllic beachfront setting is perfect for all different kinds of holiday-makers.

Read on to discover how the resort refurbished 200 rooms with FibreGuard fabrics with the help of Home Fabrics.

Interior design for every need

A diverse array of visitors come to the Beacon Island Resort every year, from loved-up honey-mooners, to families with children, to more adventurous travelers looking for some adrenaline-filled diversions.

With even remote workers to consider, the resort has to cater for a varied mixture of needs and uses.

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High performing fabrics that work

People come to Plettenberg Bay searching for a unique, exclusive experience, and the Beacon Island Resort had to take this into account while also considering the high traffic that their rooms and public interior areas would go through every year.

There was a clear need for high performing products when refurbishing rooms and suites at the resort, which is why the fabrics chosen to fit the bill were FibreGuard.

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Braveheart braveheart 33 navy CU

Creating modern, stylish interiors

For the refurbishment of 200 rooms, the Beacon Island Resort went for a modern, no-nonsense feel.

In many of the rooms, carefully-chosen fabrics in colours such as green, red and streamlined neutrals create the perfect balance to ensure that their guests would wake up energised and ready for another day, no matter what it holds.

FibreGuard fabrics ensured that the refurbished rooms were both comfortable and stylish, day after day.

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Durable upholstery, designed for life

These upholstery fabrics had to meet specific requirements to offer ease of cleaning and durability to manage such a high level of traffic.

FibreGuard fabrics are thoroughly tested in independent laboratories to ensure that they pass even the most difficult of textile tests. That’s why our fabrics can be used in so many different ways and locations and still stay free from harmful finishes.

For more information on our textile testing procedures, check out this overview.

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