two-toned herringbone woven with contrasting yarns by fibreguard

How to create a cosy look in a smaller interior

There's a school of thought that says you have to go for a pared-back look when decorating a smaller space. After all, neutral colours tend to make a small room look bigger, and reducing clutter is always a good idea to help prevent a space from becoming overwhelmed.

But there is another way…

Increasingly, interior designers are ditching paler colours when decorating smaller spaces in favour of a bolder, more characterful approach. Think jewel-like colours, textures inspired by nature and personal items imbued with history.

Here, we explore some of the ways in which smaller spaces can pack a big punch despite their diminutive size. It's all about achieving the perfection combination of colour, texture, and personality.

two-toned herringbone woven with contrasting yarns by fibreguard

The tactile feel of this woven upholstery fabric is enhanced with FibreGuard's Stain Free Technology

two-toned herringbone woven with contrasting yarns by fibreguard

FibreGuard's high performance upholstery fabric features natural hand-feel properties that are impeccably easy to clean

Small on space? Go big on colour

When it comes to small apartment decorating, jewel-like tones such as emerald green, sapphire blue and ruby red are big news in interiors right now. One approach with a small space is to embrace the cosiness and go for a single, deep shade on the walls, skirting boards and ceilings.

By doing this you'll soften the edges of the room, making it appear bigger than it actually is. This technique also creates a wonderfully cocooning effect – the perfect way to encourage rest and relaxation.

two-toned herringbone woven with contrasting yarns by fibreguard

One of our alluring multipurpose chenille fabrics in a bedroom with metallic accents

two-toned herringbone woven with contrasting yarns by fibreguard

A classic, two-toned herringbone woven with contrasting yarns to add dimension and sophistication. Perfect for an elegant statement chair!

You can also adopt this maximalist approach by bringing in a strong colour with an on-trend velvet accent chair. Our plush velvets are not only super soft to the touch, but they’re also stain resistant and easy to clean. So why not add a sense of opulence to your space with a velvety pop of colour?

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Introduce metallic accents

Metallics are a great way to add texture and interest to a small space. The added benefit is that they can also help tie in different elements of your decor. For example, if you choose the same matt black finish for your door handles, light switches, and window frames, this will form a visual link that helps to create a cohesive, harmonious look.

Classic metallic finishes such as chrome or antique brass are safe choices here, or alternatively you could go for trend-led metals such as rose gold or copper.

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Make home your 'you' place

Nothing says 'you' more than your home, so it's important to include personal items when you're styling your space. A woven wicker basket purchased on a treasured holiday or an heirloom piece of furniture passed down from a beloved relative will bring personality and character to your home. Not only will these items make your interior look unique, they will also anchor you in the space and make you feel secure and grounded, surrounded by pieces that really matter to you.

The key thing here is to remember that a curated selection of items and accessories is essential. A cluttered look in a small space won't work at all, but a sprinkling of carefully selected pieces will elevate your interior.

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Using textured interior materials and fabrics

Another aspect to consider for small apartment decorating is introducing a variety of textures to create a warm and welcoming space.

two-toned herringbone woven with contrasting yarns by fibreguard

Our easy clean fabrics are available in a wealth of characteristics and colours, even earthy shades and textures like these

two-toned herringbone woven with contrasting yarns by fibreguard

Bouclé yarns give this textured upholstery fabric a really special look and feel

Combining a range of textures such as rough and smooth, shiny, and matt, will provide contrast and much-needed visual interest.

"When it comes to my designs, the fabrics and textures are just as important as the colour palette. Because I like to keep the palette soft in neutral spaces, I love adding plenty of texture by including a variety of fabrics that add depth to the overall design. Bouclé, wool, sheepskin, linen – you name it, I love it!" – Amy Kartheiser of Amy Kartheiser Design

Embrace a modern rustic aesthetic with accessories made from sustainable, natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, wood and linen. Or why not create a cosy reading nook and pile it high with faux fur throws, wool blankets and fringed cushions? This is a great way to zone a small space while adding lots of personality and texture.

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Looking for more home decor inspiration?

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