FibreGuard Pro seating upholstery in the Ronald McDonald House Aukland - image courtesy of James Dunlop Textiles

FibreGuard Pro fabrics in the Ronald McDonald House, Auckland

The main aim of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is to provide a place to stay for families with hospitalised children and teens while they are being treated away from home in hospitals and medical facilities.

This charity provides three core offerings:

  1. the House program
  2. the Family Room program
  3. the Care Mobile program, which brings medical, dental, and healthcare resources to underserved communities where they’re needed the most.

Each of the Ronald McDonald House Charity locations supports parents and families of sick children all around the globe, and FibreGuard fabrics are proud to have worked with the RMHC in Grafton, Auckland through James Dunlop Textiles.

The Ronald McDonald House has a vision: A world where all children have access to medical care and their families are supported and actively involved in their children’s care.

In 2019, RMHC New Zealand provided more than 4,600 families with accommodation and support free of charge at its facilities throughout New Zealand.

Ronald McDonald House Aukland reception area with FibreGuard Pro fabrics
Photograph courtesy of James Dunlop Textiles

FibreGuard Pro: the solution

Sojo Design, an interior design and home staging company in New Zealand, was engaged to specify new fabrics for the seating in the reception area of the Auckland Ronald McDonald house.

This is understandably a high-traffic space, designed with comfort primarily in mind. However, there was a need to also create a hospital-like environment, and as such, this project had to meet the requirements for a commercial healthcare grade project.

This is where our new antimicrobial fabric range, FibreGuard Pro, came into play. We are delighted to see our fabrics used in such a cheerful space and for such a vital cause.

Hospital-ready with a home-comfort feel

Sojo Design specified FibreGuard Pro for the reception area seating as these fabrics are uniquely stain-resistant, antimicrobial and water-resistant. They are tough yet gentle, fantastically soft, strong and easy to clean.

RMHC® New Zealand gives families with a hospitalised child what they need most — each other.

The stain-resistant and antimicrobial properties of this range lie inherently within the yarn itself, and cannot be washed off. This ensures total protection, every day and night.

The tactile attributes and colourway variety of FibreGuard Pro fabrics proved that they are fit for purpose and cost-effective as well.

FibreGuard Pro seating upholstery in the Ronald McDonald House Aukland
FibreGuard Pro seating upholstery in the Ronald McDonald House Aukland - image courtesy of James Dunlop Textiles

No harmful finishes

No harmful finishes or residues are released into the world from our fabrics.

This is something that of course is of utmost importance for human use, as well as for the health of the families and children using these facilities.

Read all about this here >

How FibreGuard Pro works

The water-resistant properties of FibreGuard Pro are achieved through a breathable moisture membrane within the fabric.

Stains can be simply cleaned with water and a cloth, just like the other FibreGuard fabric ranges. Read more about how to clean our high-performance fabrics here.

FibreGuard Pro fabrics have been tested to the toughest conditions – over 70,000 abrasion tests.

Read about the textiles testing procedures here >

Specification for professionals

Are you thinking of using FibreGuard Pro fabrics in your own healthcare facility project?

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