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Creating the perfect bedroom sleep sanctuary

We all know that getting a good night's sleep is essential for optimum health and wellbeing. It improves concentration, boosts your immune system and reduces stress. However, getting a full eight hours' sleep a night isn't always as easy as it might sound.

Here, we look at why a good night's sleep is so valuable and how you can turn your bedroom into the ultimate sleep sanctuary.


Sleep is increasingly being seen as the ultimate kind of self-care. After all, research suggests that quality sleep can lower anxiety, boost energy levels and improve emotional wellbeing. A good night's kip has even been linked to improved heart health. No wonder it's considered to be nature's 'wonder drug'!

So, how do we go about getting enough of this amazing stuff called sleep? It's all about getting into good habits. In order increase your chances of a good night's sleep, you need to adopt healthy habits around your bedtime routine and ensure your bedroom is a calming and clutter-free environment.

This might mean getting into the habit of a calming bedtime ritual such as a lavender-scented bath, some gentle yoga or a soothing cup of herbal tea. Experts also recommend keeping technology out of the bedroom and avoiding all screens at least one hour before bed. This is because using technology stimulates the mind, making it harder to switch off and settle down to sleep.

Baron baron 29 lavender WR
Baron baron 29 lavender WR
Baron baron 29 lavender WR


It's been shown that our bedroom surroundings can have a big impact on the quality and duration of our sleep. So it makes sense to stack the cards in your favour and turn your bedroom into a calm and soothing sanctuary.

“A good night’s rest isn’t just about a bed. It is a room that makes you feel relaxed,” says Gillian Firth, Bedrooms Sales Leader at IKEA. “You can make your sleep space work for you with furniture, textiles and smart storage that’ll keep your bedroom cosy and clutter-free."

When it comes to window treatments in the bedroom, it's worth considering blackout curtains or blinds to aid sleep. This means an extra thick fabric is used as an interlining to help shut out the light.

Bedding fabrics can also tie in with a natural approach to bedroom design featuring layered organic colourways in beige, wood and white shades.

This trend for 'modern rustic' styling lends itself perfectly to sleep-friendly interiors because it boosts feelings of comfort and relaxation. In essence, this pared-back approach celebrates natural materials such as linen, wood and bamboo, creating character with contrasting textures and calming layers of neutrals.

Other colours to think about for the bedroom are shades inspired by nature such as blue or green. "Blue is a cool and calming colour and can actually lower our blood pressure," says Neil Robinson, Chief Sleep Officer at bed manufacturer Sealy UK. "As we associate the colour with water and the sky, it provides us with a sense of tranquillity, which in turn makes us feel relaxed and can help us to nod off faster and sleep more deeply.

"Green is associated with nature and helps us to connect with the natural world, creating a feeling of relaxation and calmness," continues Neil. "Because of this, having a pastel green bedroom can subconsciously calm you after a stressful day and help you get some good quality rest."


We've talked about the theory, so how about we now look at some examples? You can see our soft, stain-free fabrics in action in the calming bedrooms of the gorgeous Chicland Hotel in Vietnam.

The rooms at this eco-friendly hotel are a tranquil retreat from the bustling coastal city of Da Nang. The Japanese-inspired bedrooms feature natural materials such as slatted wood, wicker and stone. Pale walls combine with our floaty sheers and blackout curtains to create a the soothing design which is highly conducive to a good night's sleep.

Beautiful neutral-toned bedroom in the Chicland Hotel in Vietnam
Romantic luxury in the breath-taking heart of East Africa: this is the One and Only Gorilla’s Nest

Another great example of calming bedroom design can be found at the One & Only Gorilla's Nest resort in Rwanda. Here, all the suites and lodges have been upholstered in our highly durable fabrics in soothing shades such as beige and grey.

Rich textures have then been added in the form of dark woods, metallics and exotic accessories to create a luxurious and romantic retreat reflecting the surrounding rainforest.

At FibreGuard we’re all about beautiful design using high-quality materials and keeping things simple. Life is complicated but living doesn’t have to be.

Boost that pre-sleep calm feeling with our bedroom-focused Pinterest board.

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