Comfortable chairs upholstered in yellow Spartacus upholstery fabric

Your insider guide to FibreGuard Pro’s breathable moisture barrier

FibreGuard is committed to delivering fabrics that combine the highest degree of protection, performance, comfort, and durability.

FibreGuard Pro is a perfect example of our passion for fabrics: it’s a performance fabric range created specifically to solve problems for our customers. Today we look at its breathable moisture barrier and what makes it so special.

FibreGuard Pro’s breathable moisture barrier

FibreGuard Pro combines our signature furnishing fabrics with a uniquely lightweight barrier layer that’s bonded onto the back of the fabric during the production process. The barrier stops the spread of liquid into the upholstery foam in the furniture while still allowing air to flow.

This barrier, combined with an anti-microbial solution finish, ensures that mildew and bad odours have less chance of attaching to the fabric yarns or seeping into the foam beneath.

The special properties of our FibreGuard Pro fabric range ensure that liquid or moisture is not able to move through the fabric. This is why FibreGuard Pro fabrics are the perfect companions in tough settings such as residential homes, hotels offices, and healthcare environments.

Comfortable chairs upholstered in yellow Spartacus upholstery fabric
Comfortable chairs upholstered in yellow Spartacus upholstery fabric

Yes, you can feel the difference with our upholstery fabrics

Many moisture barrier fabrics on the market can be rigid and rough: this is something we tackled in the product development process. FibreGuard fabrics are known for their luxurious touch and uncompromising durability: we couldn’t release a fabric range with a stiff, inflexible moisture barrier that fell short of this standard.

Our textile designers went the extra mile to ensure that the anti-moisture barrier is flexible, breathable and, crucially, light. This gives FibreGuard Pro that extra protection without sacrificing that gorgeously soft touch that our stain resistant fabrics are known for.

Still easy to clean, even as time goes on

FibreGuard Pro is effective against biological materials like urine or vomit, as well as more general spills including food and liquid medicines. This makes this fabric range an excellent choice for health care, senior care, hospitals, hotels, and commercial applications where comfort is vital, but spills may not be able to be cleaned up immediately.

The assumption might be that this fabric range is high maintenance if it’s so sophisticated, but that’s not the case at all. Like our other FibreGuard collections, this range is still exceptionally easy to clean, even if the spills remain beading on top of the fabric, unable to spread into the furniture thanks to the moisture barrier layer.

Did you know? FibreGuard Pro fabrics are also anti-microbial. They reduce the growth of bacteria on their surface by up to 90%. Microorganisms destroyed by the anti-microbial properties in FibreGuard Pro fabrics include bacteria, protozoans, and fungi. Read about our anti-microbial standards for yourself.

Comfortable chairs upholstered in yellow Spartacus upholstery fabric
Comfortable chairs upholstered in yellow Spartacus upholstery fabric

Eco conscious fabrics, even with the moisture barrier layer

FibreGuard Pro fabrics are manufactured and certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, guaranteeing that they won’t release any harmful finishes or chemicals into the environment and are completely safe for contact with you, your children, and your pets.

In fact, all our fabric ranges have this certification as standard, with or without a moisture barrier. Read more about our eco-label certifications here.

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