soothing coloured boucle upholstery fabric couch

Style spotlight on bouclé yarn and FibreGuard fabrics

Bouclé fabric is a luxurious option for upholstery projects thanks to its bumpy yet soft textured surface, which looks fantastic on sofas and chairs. Today we dive into its insanely stylish world with some history and highlights from our own collections of stain-resistant bouclé fabric.

Bouclé fabrics are made using a special process which involves binding the yarn in loops

The word “bouclé” means “curly” in French, which describes this fabric perfectly: it has a lovely, enveloping, almost woolly-feeling texture.

Bouclé fabrics are made from yarn that's been bound into loops before weaving it into fabric, giving it an incredibly tactile surface that just begs to be touched. Like ‘chenille’ fabric, bouclé can refer to a yarn construction, or the fabric made from it.

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This creates an incredibly tactile and thick fabric, which is often used in high-end clothing as well as for furniture upholstery. The fabric is made in many different colours, but it's most recognisable when it has a twisted surface like the pictures below:

soothing coloured boucle upholstery fabric couch
soothing coloured boucle upholstery fabric couch
soothing coloured boucle upholstery fabric couch
soothing coloured boucle upholstery fabric couch

The beginnings of bouclé

In the late 1940s, architecture and design dynamo Florence Knoll requested that Eero Saarinen design a chair that “a chair that was like a basket full of pillows - something she could really curl up in.” Saarinen, an industrial designer known for using modern materials in graceful, organic shapes, interpreted her request literally – even down to the fibres used to upholster the chair.

The result was Saarinen’s Womb Chair, which was introduced in 1948, resplendent in Knoll’s Classic Bouclé, a nubby textile made from a yarn of, fittingly, fibres that really curled up.

It's soft, warm and feels smooth to the touch. Bouclé yarns and FibreGuard fabrics are also very durable. A match made in heaven!

Bouclé fabric textures and colours

Bouclé fabrics come in many different colours and styles, including shiny bouclé (the most popular), matte bouclé, shaggy-looking bouclé with a nubby texture and more smooth-textured versions without as much of a bumpy surface to them.

Bouclé fabric is a popular choice for upholstery because of its soft, textured feel. Its enduring popularity is probably down to the fact that it’s so versatile: bouclé yarns come in many different weights, so you can find one that works well with your project.

Finally, bouclé fabric is often used in home decor projects because the lustre and shine of this weave make it look elegant but still approachable.

soothing coloured boucle upholstery fabric couch
soothing coloured boucle upholstery fabric couch

Bouclé fabrics come in many different colours and styles, from subtle, sophisticated shades like cream and grey, to bolder colour combinations like yellow on green. It's no wonder why this trend is so popular among designers today.

“We are living in a time when comfort and safety are the utmost importance,” says the designer behind Tina Ramchandani Creative. “With very real issues concerning the environment and political climate, days are hectic. So creating a safe and cozy space at home that encourages well-being is essential.” – Architectural Digest

Our own bouclé collections add character to any interior design project, but with a proven durability to last for years. On top of all the mechanical textile engineering we do with our fabric ranges, the fibres in our bouclé collections are naturally woven tightly together so that they don't unravel easily.

Even FibreGuard Pro fabrics, our moisture-barrier fabric range, are just as soft and luxurious as a beautiful residential fabric, but with the durability and liquid-proof properties of a more heavy-duty contract/commercial item.

We use luxurious yarns such as bouclé or plush velvets in this high-performance range, incorporating decorative yarns and designs into our fabrics where we haven’t seen them in the market.

Art, design, visual culture…and bouclé fabrics

Every year our design team identify the overarching trends in art, design, and culture – and this year, Rewilding was one of those mega trends.

What does this have to do with bouclé? Read on…

Rewilding is rich with natural textural materials, from unfinished woods to tactile textiles with bouclé elements and a dry, linen-like feel.

At a time when the question of harmony between the earth and mankind is crucial, this is a design theme where unrefined wood surfaces reign supreme, and concrete ceilings are left unfinished. We see it in interiors full of texture, where textiles of natural compositions and blends are combined with the look of linen, cotton, and wool.

As you can see, Rewilding showcases bouclé fabrics perfectly!

FibreGuard’s bouclé fabrics are stain-resistant, durable, superior performance fabrics

The ‘easy clean’ properties in our fabrics will last for their entire lifecycle, even after washing and/or prolonged use. Our bouclé fabrics are stain-resistant to ensure your peace of mind.

We frequently supplement our existing collections with new decorative fabrics, and trends and colours from the world around us are a key source of inspiration for our in-house design team.

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