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Our deep commitment to social responsibility

The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly, drastically affecting global supply chains and the people depending on them. It is an uncertain time for many of us around the world.

‘Corporate social responsibility’ can mean many things, and in this challenging time it shines through as responsibility to our staff, to other businesses and to society as a whole.

Operational measures we have taken so far

With this in mind, all of our operational employees are now working from home. As of right now, we already have over 100 BRU team members, across many departments and disciplines, working this way.

Other staff-wide measures that we have taken so far include:

  • stressing the importance of basic hygiene practices throughout our HQ a nd further afield
  • giving clear guidelines to practice social distancing effectively
  • instituting an interim travel limitation for all employees, including our globe-trotting sales representatives
  • drawing up an executive action plan in the event that any of our employees encounter the virus.

Early action stops the spread of the virus

We as a company have led by example and had already taken proactive action to both protect our employees as well as the overall wellbeing of our wider communities.

Watch the video in the local news >

Open for business as usual

We are doing our best to minimize the damage to our own operations.

  • Bru Textiles is open for business as usual.
  • The Bru Textiles warehouse is fully operational and there are no delays for your shipments or orders.
  • The Bru Textiles warehouse team are fully available to continue to ship your goods and orders without any interruption.
  • All Bru Textiles administrative staff are all available to process all telephone calls and emails without any interruption.

Our team is at your disposal

The Bru Textiles’ management team are very grateful for the speedy, hands-on action taken the entire Bru family to make this work.

We will keep you updated as and when further information becomes available.

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