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Neo-gothic bedrooms: style spotlight

With a penchant for the supernatural, the otherworldly and the unknown, gothic design is Having A Moment. The dark and mysterious themes of gothic decor can be found throughout many rooms in our homes—from bedrooms to bathrooms.

Today we look at this interior trend rich with a gothic glamour, with material inspirations from across a wide spectrum of design sources, but homing in on a particular space that makes goth its own: the bedroom.

Welcome to the dark side of design: looking at the bigger picture

Gothic interior and product design will always be linked to the wider goth subculture, but it doesn't have to be. You can incorporate any part of that into an interior styling without having to wear all black or listen to The Sisters of Mercy on repeat (but obviously you can).

Its styling motifs are permeating many different parts of the cultural zeitgeist.

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While moody interiors with lush decadent designs are taking a prominent place in interior design right now, the Gothic style has been around for centuries and was originally used as a way for wealthy people to show off their wealth by building lavish castles or churches.

Even today, many designers are drawn to this classic look because of its opulence—but there’s more than just money going on here.

009 001 velvet palace det 2

Gothic interiors can be restrained, and refined - inject a much more contemporary feel into any minimalist bedroom with a sleek wingback chair in stunning stain-resistant velvet.

009 001 velvet palace det 2

A more modern take on a Gothic interior, courtesy of Woodson and Rummerfield Design.

009 001 velvet palace det 2

A riot of stained glass colour and patterns in designer Pierre Marie's apartment in the heights of the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

009 001 velvet palace det 2

Rich in coloured silks, peppered with gold and silver threads, brocade drapery is in a class all its own when it comes to decking out the perfect neo-Gothic boudoir.

Neo gothic room decor: a crash course

Gothic interiors often feature deeper colours like black and red, ornate details such as carved wooden accents, metallic scrollwork on mirrors, damask patterned fabrics and wallpaper, plush textures like velvet, and carefully constructed glasswork.

Neo-gothic interiors are characterised by deeper colours and intricate details like ornate mouldings and arches. These designs often include elements from traditional gothic architecture such as pointed arches, vaulted ceilings, and stained-glass windows.

All of these elements come together in an interesting trend we’ve noticed specifically for bedroom décor. We’re seeing an exciting uptick in neo-gothic bedroom designs that are perfect for anyone who wants to bring a little bit of darkness into their home.

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How to style a spectacularly gothic bedroom

But if you're like us, you might be wondering: how can I get my bedroom looking dark and moody without sacrificing comfort and cleanliness? Grab your candles, incense sticks, and go ahead: get ready to be spellbound!

  • Victorian Gothic Decor doesn’t have to look like a haunted house, it just needs to have a decent amount of drama.
  • A good way to start is with decorative accessories like cushions, candles and lamps that have an antique feel about them.
  • Choose dark, rich colours like black, navy blue, and burgundy for your walls and furniture. You can also add some vibrancy with gold details or metallic finishes.
  • Decorating with black or white will help balance out any bold coloured furniture or accessories you have. Try choosing one wall colour as your primary base colour—black is an obvious choice for this but a creamy tone in a bold pattern would also work well against dark wood floors or bedding materials such as silk sheets or velvet covers.
  • Use natural materials wherever possible when selecting furniture items—the next best thing after using real antiques would be crafted replicas made from wood that looks like antique pieces.
  • Velvet is undeniably the most dramatic furnishing fabric, followed by brocade and damask. If you want to go full-on gothic with your bedroom design, then these are your best bets.
A combination of features create a dazzling, jewel box effect in this bedroom - from a 1890s house in Shoreditch, London, and a project by Tom Carey Design.

FibreGuard stain resistant fabrics: better than witchcraft for gothic-inspired interiors

So, are you ready to embrace the goth trend? Whether you're a child of the 1980s or just looking to add a dash of gothic elegance to your home, our stain resistant furnishing fabrics come in a magnificent range of colours perfect for your inner vamp.

What qualities make our velvet upholstery in particular ideal for this trend? For starters, it's durable enough to stand up against wear and tear from years of heavy use—and it's easy to clean when accidents happen (yes, even with black nail polish or mascara).

Our velvets are luxuriously soft to the touch and remarkably easy to clean…and available in all the darkest, most dramatic colours you could want for your bedroom. The quality of FibreGuard fabric is also second to none; they won't fade or lose their shape over time.

All this with no need for extra cleaning products or chemicals, so with FibreGuard’s fabrics there's no need to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your body when you're sleeping at night!

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