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How to refresh your home decor this spring - the easy way

Today is officially the first day of spring! And it keeps getting better: there are 93 days left until summer. Now is the perfect time to infuse your interior styling with optimism, reflecting the turn of the season outside.

We’re coming at spring décor in two contrasting ways: the subtle approach and the bold statement. This way, our interior design ideas can be adapted to fit every interior style, both for springtime and beyond.

There’s no need to completely remodel your home, either. These are easy-to-replicate tips that you can implement in a weekend or an afternoon. Ready?

The subtle approach to interior styling

Make your interiors a bubble of softness through clever use of colour, materials and light. Pastel shades are wonderful for spring, and we’re seeing swathes of blush pink and dreamy pastel sheers everywhere we go.

You can relax the mood of a space through exploring colours, lighting, decorative accessories, kitchen appliances and soft furnishings, no matter what your budget.

We would argue that this blending of tone and shade is trending worldwide as a manifestation of the self-care movement and as a reaction against tech for tech’s sake, social distancing.

Also, in fairness, as an overarching aesthetic it’s just gorgeous.

Statement chair DIY Girls3

This trend in interiors is such a big deal, in fact, that the French furniture and home decor juggernaut Maisons Du Monde have launched an entire collection called ‘soft mood’. See more on their Instagram

Statement chair DIY Girls3

Beautiful colour blocking examples from @nia_does_diy. Learn more about how to make colour blocking work for you here: Colour Blocking: how to make this bold trend work in your home

How to decorate your interior with pastels for springtime

  • Start with one: Is there a specific piece in your interior that you want to update? Update it in a pastel hue. Simple!
  • Focus on finishes: For example, you could give your kitchen cabinets a soothing coat of pastel blue, paint a bookcase coral, or refit your door panels in pale yellow.

Colour block: This is by far our favourite springtime update, and it works in every single interior, we swear! How does it work? First rampant in the fashion world, it’s burst onto the interior design scene in a big way. A quick definition of colour blocking = when you combine two or more colours together without pattern.

Sneak pastels into your home through decorative accessories

This is the covert kind of springtime décor update that’s low-cost but effective. Take your kitchen, for example. Add some quiet colour to this usually very utilitarian space with rose quartz pink in the form of small appliances, dishtowels and cake stands.

Explore all the colours of the rainbow: It’s not just all pink-on-pink however. Sage green, pistachio green and uplifting mint green are all showing no signs of going away, nor should they (they’re fabulous!). Throw some green into the mix and decorate your home like a macaron box…because nothing says ‘springtime’ like a blossoming of colour, right?

Working with organic materials, finishes and daylight

Another understated way to create an open, romantic interior design concept is by paying attention to the materials and finishes you’re working with.

Go for natural materials and finishes, such as driftwood and shell where possible.

For example:

Statement chair DIY Girls3

We have Ola Zwolenik to thank for this beautiful, bold colour blocking silhouette. Check out her aptly named instagram: @thistimeincolour

Statement chair DIY Girls3

Sneak pastels into your home through decorative accessories, like this pale yellow pillow accent on this stain resistant fabric sofa. Check out the full post on our Instagram!

Statement chair DIY Girls3

Beautiful boho bedroom from Elle Decor on Pinterest

Statement chair DIY Girls3

Fifty shades of pink in this woven wall hanging on Instagram

Flowers are blossoming (sorry, we couldn’t resist) indoors as well as out, and while they can be bold and striking, using them in your interiors can make an indirect statement too. If your room style is romantic, try delicate damasks and winding florals with fine lines in hushed, pastel colours.

Experiment with some handmade, sustainable wall art and see how you can bring the springtime into your living room.

Finally, bring in the light. The sun is starting to come back into the world, so clean those windows and let the sunlight back into your home.

What if you like your home’s aesthetic to be, well, a little louder?

Never fear, there are springtime update suggestions for you too! You don’t have to do all of these techniques at once, of course, but you’re totally allowed to if you want to just go for it!

Decorating with jewel tones in springtime

  • Jewel-tones: While pastels work wonders, working with richer tones like Pantone’s Classic Blue (the 2020 colour of the year) is definitely an option this spring. Scattering bright pops of colour throughout a more neutral interior can be the facelift your home is looking for in the coming months.
  • Colour explosion: Switching out the colours of your decorative accessories, appliances and even doorways are all great ideas here to reinvigorate your home. Colour-blocking works perfectly well here as well, even if you’re not working with pastels.

Layering flowers on flowers on flowers

Nothing says ‘springtime’ like flowers, so don’t be afraid to work with floral motifs and patterns in a vibrant colour spectrum. Statement floral arrangements & colourful centrepieces both match the outside world while giving your space a luscious maximalist style.

Statement chair DIY Girls3

See how every paint color, piece of furniture, and accessory speaks to the soul of the family living here and the creativity of the mom who pulled it together on Pinterest

Statement chair DIY Girls3

From Wit and Delight on Pinterest

Statement chair DIY Girls3

50 Gorgeous Easter Flower Arrangements to Decorate Your Space - get an eyefull of these gorgeous centrepieces

Statement chair DIY Girls3

If you've ever had interior envy flicking through through the pages of a glossy magazine, try these tips from top interior stylist and editor, Venezuelan-born Carlo Mota - Pinterest

If you don’t want to splash out on real plants, wallpaper is a stress-free way to freshen up a room if you’re going for a full overhaul. This is because the humble accent wall has had a loud-and-proud update in the form of floral wallpaper and statement patterns. There’s also been a huge increase in modern takes on 19th-century chinoiserie coupling with embellished or baroque designs.

How should you choose a floral wallpaper pattern this spring?

You’re right in thinking that there’s a seemingly endless supply of floral pattern wallpaper, available in a myriad of designs, colours and textures. Is it really worth navigating this sometimes-overwhelming world just to add a little freshness to your home this springtime?

Our answer is an irresistible yes.

Wallpaper tips from our design team include:

  • Create a unique element of surprise in a room by adding a chair rail and then wallpapering half the room in a striking floral print. If your wallpaper above the chair rail, go for a large print. If you want a more out-of-the-box style, use a dramatic wallpaper pattern below the chair rail with a coordinating paint colour above it.
  • Did you know that ceilings are also wallpaper-able? Go full-on dramatic and wallpaper any ceiling in your home. We dare you.

Spring décor is yours for the taking

Express yourself fully this spring with our tips and ideas, and remember: whether you’re feeling soothing pastel vibes or are celebrating spring with vivacious shades, it’s totally up to you!

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