fibreguard outdoor fabric in aqua colour

How to clean a fabric sofa at home

Welcome to our step-by-step guide to cleaning your fabric sofa: no baking soda, vinegar or liquid cleaning detergents required.

In this post, we look at

  • the benefits of fabric upholstery over leather
  • how to choose upholstery in the first place
  • how to maintain your upholstery once the choice is made
fibreguard outdoor fabric in aqua colour
fibreguard outdoor fabric in aqua colour

The pros and cons of fabric upholstery

Choosing a fabric sofa over a leather one has many benefits (we’re not biased, we swear). A fabric sofa is not cold to sit on in the winter and you don’t stick to it in the summer, for example. Another reason is the wide variety of designs and patterns you can get for fabric sofas over leather ones.

But what about when it comes to cleaning?

Leather seems like it’s just wipe and go. Surely cleaning up a spill on your new, clean fabric couch is a task and a half?

Not necessarily. What if we told you that there’s fabric available that is fundamentally stain-resistant? What if we said that not only is this fabric easy to clean, it’s soft and touch-friendly?

That’s the magic of FibreGuard upholstery fabric.

fibreguard outdoor fabric in aqua colour
fibreguard outdoor fabric in aqua colour

Choosing upholstery fabric that's right for you

Fact time! ‘Upholstery’ is everything that makes up the soft coverings of chairs, sofas, and other furniture. It includes not only the fabric you can see, but also the padding, webbing, and springs that are all inside the sofa or chair.

One mistake that companies and individual consumers alike make is not thinking about what they need, and not thinking about how their fabric sofa is going to wear over time.

It’s just so important to choose upholstery fabric that fits you and your needs and tastes. You might be in love with that silk armchair but you need to think about whether it is really going to stand up to constant use by a messy family.

Check out our post: what fabrics are best for when you have a dog? >

Velvet is another upholstery fabric that is typically seen as being high-maintenance but if you use FibreGuard stain-resistant velvet, you can sit comfortably knowing that it’s both easy to clean and incredibly hard-wearing.

Our fabrics give you the chance to style your interiors with a wide range of textures and designs that are durable and ready for real life.

fibreguard outdoor fabric in aqua colour
fibreguard outdoor fabric in aqua colour

Spills and thrills: how to clean your fabric sofa

We have two kinds of fabric on offer: FibreGuard Pro, which has a built-in antimicrobial moisture barrier, and FibreGuard original, which is astoundingly easy to clean.

Both are fully washable.

Through constant testing, we’ve ensured that the soft touch, rich colour, and the dimensional stability of the fabric itself are all maintained throughout the washing process and life of the product.

While it’s best if you get to cleaning a stain quickly after it happens, it’s actually ok with our fabrics if you don’t clean it up immediately.

People are always surprised by the amount of water you need to clean FibreGuard fabrics, thinking that it might ruin the fabric.

Don’t worry. Our fabrics can handle it: they’re designed to.

  • Step one: first tackle any stain residue that might be left. For stains like ballpoint pen, this isn’t necessary – check out our YouTube video for the guide on that. Cleaning up residue is really important though for oily stains like mustard or mayonnaise, mud or lipstick. Grab a teaspoon and scrape off what you can.
  • Step two: apply water to the stain and blot it with a paper towel. You don’t have to scrub at the stain; in fact, this will just force the structure of the paper towel into your fabric. Keep applying water and blotting until the stain doesn’t appear on the paper anymore.
  • Step three: Grab a microfiber cloth, apply more water, and rub the stain gently in a circular motion. If you’re faced with a particularly stubborn stain, this is where you might need to enlist the help of a standard bar of hard white soap. Use the soap intermittently between the circular motion rubbing and the water application until the stain is completely gone.
  • Step four: let your fabric air dry. Seriously, don’t apply any heat (no hairdryers needed!).

Beautiful upholstery, cleanable on every stain

If you’re tempted to try out a number of different stains on your FibreGuard upholstery fabric, please be our guest!

Check out our YouTube channel for videos on cleaning specific stains.

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