Healthcare interior design Denmar Specialist Psychiatric Hospital

FibreGuard fabrics at Denmar Psychiatric hospital

Denmar Specialist Psychiatric Hospital is a dedicated healthcare facility specializing in the treatment of psychiatric illnesses. It was the first private psychiatric clinic in Pretoria, South Africa. Today, it is a facility with 170 beds and an ECT theatre plus day clinic, set in beautifully landscaped gardens with more than 100 bird species flying around.

FibreGuard fabrics protect the reception area

Healthcare interior design Denmar Specialist Psychiatric Hospital

Nonsuch Interior Consultants chose FibreGuard fabrics for the upholstery of the reception area. After selecting beautiful hues from our Peak, Octavia and Emoji collections, they created this tranquil space; closely connected to tenderness - a very current interior design trend. Combining a minimalistic colour palette with soft pastels and the use of curvy shapes make for warm and comfortable areas. A perfect place to switch off and find relaxation.

Why use FibreGuard fabrics for your hospital project?

FibreGuard fabrics are woven to protect, meaning that the stain-free technology makes for easy to clean furniture. Ideal for high traffic spaces, where you expect durable pieces that will last. You’ll be able to welcome any guest or patient while making them feel at home, without worrying about stains, so they can enjoy that cup of coffee even more.

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