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Easy ways to boost the luxury feel of your vacation rental

In 2020, luxury is about what money can’t buy. If you’re looking for ways to appeal to the luxury traveller, that’s the first thing you need to realise. As for concrete steps you can take to amp up the luxury factor of your vacation rental – that’s what this blog post is all about.

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Luxury begins before the holiday is even booked

The luxury travel market is booming like never before, and the very experience of the holiday begins at home, with your prospective guest doing their vacation rental research and eventually booking a place.

At this early stage luxury travellers are already expecting:

  • A smooth, streamlined experience: so you’ll need to look at your booking process first and foremost. Is it frictionless and helpful? That’s a great start.
  • Clear communication and a responsive, welcoming host. Yes, even before your guests have set foot inside your property.
  • A knockout vacation spot.

That third ingredient is what we’re really focusing on today.

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Small, affordable upgrades make all the difference to luxury travellers

Our first interior décor tip for your vacation rental is to take stock of what you already have to work with.

Tip one: can you upcycle it?

If not, then think about whether you really need that piece or not, and if yes, it could really add a boho/eclectic charm to your rental property. It all depends on what kind of look and feel you’re going for.

Check out Pinterest for IKEA hacks for inspiration, whether your furniture is from the Swedish behemoth or not.

Tip two: create intimate spaces

Guests should have places to gather and lounge around, but having little nooks where they can get comfy on their own or in a pair is a great idea that will add a layer of character to your vacation rental’s interior décor.

The opportunity for a little privacy is always appreciated. If you have an area with beautiful natural light, think about how you can enhance that space and make it even cosier.

Looking for more ideas for your vacation rental decor? We've got you covered.

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Tip three: add thoughtful touches

According to the National Geographic’s luxury travel trends forecast, “luxurians no longer want souvenirs”. Instead, they want travel experiences they can post about and share with their friends in messaging groups.

Your rental property will play a large role in creating an optimum experience for your luxury-minded guests, but it is not the be-all and end-all.

Being a welcoming, attentive host who has thought of everything in advance and provided recommendations will go a long way in determining the luxury status of your vacation rental.

With that in mind, what might a host normally overlook? Think in terms of ‘finishing’ elements, like the cherry on the cake.

We’re talking in terms of

  • welcome baskets full of lovely locally sourced goodies
  • toiletries produced by local businesses
  • extra towels (monogrammed with your logo), of course.

This level of subtle pampering elevates the experience your guest has with your property.

Could you collaborate with local landmark sites to offer your guests an exclusive experience? Entry to a high-end wellness retreat for an exclusive treatment is a perfect example.

Or is there a vineyard nearby?

See if you can organise a tasting. AirBnB has branched out into this field with their ‘experiences’ offering, so why not get in on the action yourself?

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Tip four: minimalist interior décor...with intent

Investing in a few ‘luxury’ pieces – instead of overloading your rental – will immediately elevate your décor to the level of a high-class hotel (but better). ‘Luxury pieces’, by the way, does not have to translate to ‘expensive’.

Source local furniture manufactures or partner with small-scale local artisans who create decorative accessories.

Now only will this attention to detail and design mark your offering as being beyond what everyone else can offer, it will help guests anticipate their experience while they’re browsing the professional interiors photography on your website.

To create a luxury interior design, you’ll need a good eye for finding attractive pieces – as well as the know-how for putting them together.

Think about textures and finishes and how they help a room hang together…or destroy the look you’re going for.

Adjust accordingly.

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Tip five: throw everything you've got at your entryway

It’s your first impression & has to pack a punch. The idea is to make your guests feel as excited to be staying there, as they were when they booked the place.

Check out our ‘entryways’ board on Pinterest for some eye candy, or head over to our blog post dedicated to just that.

Thanks for reading! If you have any vacation rental stories or tips to share, tell us all about it on Instagram!

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