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Back to basics: An introduction to our Re-birth/Re-thinking trend

The last year has seen the introduction of huge change into our lives. For some, this change has meant significant sacrifices in terms of health, income and quality of life. But for others, the pandemic has actually presented an opportunity for them to press 'reset' on their lives and re-evaluate the way in which they work, consume and connect.

Some people have even managed to embrace this period of flux and reshape their 'new normal' in a way that benefits themselves, those around them, and the planet. Maybe they've reviewed their consumer habits to shift towards more environmentally-friendly choices. Or maybe they've readjusted their work to leisure ratio in response to an imposed, simpler pace of life.

These ideas are all part of our 'Re-birth/Re-thinking' theme which is the second topic in our Trends Book for 2020/2021. For this blog post, we're focusing on a new, back-to-basics approach in which we are consuming less, doing less, but thinking more.

Celebrating simplicity

As our physical horizons have narrowed and our lives have become increasingly restricted over the past year, many people have rediscovered the joy that can be had from simple pleasures. Who would have thought that jigsaws would have made such a resurgence? Or that baking banana bread would become such a hit?

In this process of looking back to look forwards, we've discovered that nostalgic activities can bring contentment and emotional comfort. And with this comes a sense of gratification that sometimes the simplest things – such as spending time with loved ones in the comfort of our own homes ­– really are the best. Nothing beats the feeling of comfort and security of being cosied up at home on the sofa surrounded by soft, luxurious fabrics and cushions.

With the rediscovery of simple pleasures, there's even been a revival of the art of doing nothing. The trend for 'Niksen', derived from the Dutch word meaning 'nothing', celebrates doing just that – absolutely nothing! Claimed to be the new 'Hygge' (the Danish concept of cosy conviviality) Niksen involves giving oneself the permission to do nothing. This could be zoning out in the bath or simply staring out of the window. The practice is known to bring health-giving benefits such as a stronger connection with our inner emotions and reduced anxiety.

FG blog Re Birth Re Thinking Feb2021 img2
FG blog Re Birth Re Thinking Feb2021 img2

A new way of consuming

With this newfound discovery of a simpler pace of life has come a change in consumers' buying habits. Not only are we buying less, but – with the rise of online shopping – purchases are now more carefully thought out and considered.

Environmental factors are also coming to the fore. Consuming less in general is clearly better for the planet, but when consumers do decide to buy something they are now making the move towards more environmentally-friendly choices. Recent research carried out by Accenture showed that consumers are increasingly influenced by environmental issues, with 45% of those surveyed saying they are now making more sustainable choices when shopping and are likely to continue to do so.

There's also a new emphasis on shopping locally and responsibly. We want to know what we're buying, who we're buying it from and where it comes from. We want a more honest, more sustainable world. This is something we recognise at FibreGuard, too. We believe in investment pieces that are made to last and fabrics that will hold their own in the face of kids, pets and the tough demands of family life.

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All the fabrics in our collections are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified to ensure they are environmentally safe.

We are also working towards a more sustainable industry with new collections meeting the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). All part of our commitment to taking care of you, your family and the planet.

A natural palette

Subtle, gentle colours such as terracottas, pinks and mossy greens are the order of the day for our 'Re-birth/Re-thinking' theme. Inspired by nature, this palette was chosen to help create tranquil spaces in which we can safely retreat from the world.

When it comes to decorating a home office, the soft sheers and velvets in our FibreGuard collections can be particularly effective, creating a warm, cocooning space as well as bringing vital sound absorption properties.

Nancy Claessens, our Visual Production Director, advocates the benefits of a soothing colour scheme for your work from home space:

"Take some serenity from organic sources by working with natural colours. Following nature’s lead is a wonderful way to add a restful finishing touch to your interiors. A range of shades from dusky pink and fresh greens to neutrals such as beige and grey can create a calming atmosphere that’s still cosy and welcoming. Working with deeper shades of green, blue and yellow as accent colours can also help to promote feelings of optimism, growth and positivity.”

If you want to know more about our trends forecast for 2021/2022, check out our dedicated website.

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