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8 high-end poolside deck paradises to keep your summer vibes going

It’s always sunny somewhere!

Winter in the northern hemisphere might be underway, so to brighten up the dull days, we’re taking a much-needed virtual holiday to the sun-splashed southern hemisphere!

Today we’re sharing our very best sun-drenched lifestyle pics (from our very own photoshoots!) to perk up your day as well as your backyard seating area.

Let’s dive in.

Embrace luxurious island living

Picture this: a wander on the beach with your bare feet in the warm white sand. Chilling out with friends back at the beach house. Driftwood, breathing in the sea-salty air and basking in natural colours that reflect your flawless surroundings.

Are you feeling the summer vibes?

Going to the beach is a state of mind, after all, and if you can’t go to the beach, we’re bringing the beach to you! There’s such a wide variety of stunning scenes to choose from that it was difficult …but we’re sure you’ll love our picks.

Be inspired by the gorgeous summer shots from our latest stain-resistant Outdoor fabrics range. Download the factsheet for these furniture fabrics that can be enjoyed poolside or inside with pillows, upholstery, divider curtains and more.

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Inspiring outdoor spaces to aspire to

When you’re aching for a change of scenery, take your interior styling tastes outdoors for a whole new perspective on life. Our durable outdoor furnishing fabrics infuse your home with a sun-kissed summer feel, no matter where in the world you are.

Perfect for humid environments - water-repellent, resistant to mildew and odours: FibreGuard Outdoor fabrics are ready when you are. >

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Taking your indoor style outdoors has never been easier

Searching for outdoor furnishing fabrics that can withstand the heat and survive the rain, all while looking good? Look no further than our FibreGuard Outdoor range. These specially constructed fabrics undergo thorough UV light laboratory testing to ensure the most robust light-resistant results.

On top of standing up to UV rays, this range has FibreGuard’s stain-free technology integrated as standard, so you know that it’s permanently easy to clean.

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