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Will Xander Denys take on the FibreGuard challenge?

Xander Denys is a project manager and overall fitness superstar living in Antwerp, Belgium. We went to his house to admire his sofa – upholstered in FibreGuard fabrics – but brought along a little surprise that he was not expecting…

About Xander Denys

Xander is a coach at Built For Endurance, an organization focused on the Wim Hof Method as well as holding workshops to help bring people closer to nature in this hectic world. He is also the Belgian ambassador for Vitamin Well, a Swedish company specializing in ‘modern, healthier and tasty alternative to sodas and sugary juices’.

He somehow manages to do all this as well as doing duathlons for fun, working full time, and surviving Camp Waes.

The FibreGuard fabrics solution

It just so happens that Xander has FibreGuard fabrics on his couch at home, so when we heard this, we scooted right over with a video crew to check it out.

FibreGuard fabrics are engineered to meet the particular needs of private homes, as well as commercial, high-traffic spaces such as hotels and restaurants. This is because they’re soft and comfy but also durable and effortless to maintain. Xander found all of this out for himself when he got his new sofa and discovered that just like him, the upholstery was high performance too.

Xander thought we were just coming to film a video testimonial – and we did, with a sweet twist to prove how easy to clean FibreGuard fabrics really are…

All is revealed in the video:

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