pastel workplace with green statement armchair

From blush to mint: our guide to styling pastel upholstery

Welcome the enchanting realm of pastel upholstery! Like a warm breeze on a spring morning pastel colours invite us to slow down, take a deep breath, and, well, smell the flowers.

We completely understand that people might hesitate to choose these softer hues for their home furniture though. Surely they’re hard to keep clean and pretty in the long term? Today we're answering that question, and giving out some style tips and eye candy too.

pastel workplace with green statement armchair

What are pastel upholstery colours and why do we love them?

Pastels are the introverts of the colour family. Think of delicate blush pinks, mint greens, baby blues, and buttery yellows. They’re easy shades to love, with a special simplicity and nostalgic charm to them. Pastel sofas and other furniture instantly give a space a gentle, chilled out feel.

In interior décor, pastel colours are also incredibly versatile. These soft tones play very well with others. For example, you could pair them with neutrals for a serene vibe or mix them up with warm vibrant colours for a playful twist.

pastel workplace with green statement armchair
pastel workplace with green statement armchair

Pastel statement sofas and colour blocking tips

There are three big reasons that pastels deserve a place in your room decor plans. First, as we mentioned, they're very versatile. Whether mid-toned or darker, pastels create lovely combinations.

Secondly, they're brilliant little helpers when it comes to colour blocking. You could create an accent door in your living room using pastels, like in the example below. Need some colour combination ideas? Pair soft pastel green with mid-tone pink. Other trendy combinations include lavender with sage green, pale yellow with charcoal grey, and pastel blue with avocado green.

Finally pastel upholstery fabrics are perfect (and very fashionable) for your statement sofa. Their warm, cocooning quality adds charm to curving furniture pieces. Imagine a blush pink or mint green upholstery as the centrepiece of your living room.

pastel workplace with green statement armchair


pastel workplace with green statement armchair

Choosing the best pastel upholstery fabric

Choosing the perfect pastel upholstery fabric can be a bit difficult when there are so many beautiful kinds to choose from. We’re going to simplify this for you, because, spoiler: it’s velvet.

As we all know, we love velvet here at FibreGuard. If you’re focusing on statement furniture pieces, a dusty rose velvet sofa exudes an air of sophistication, while a mint green velvet ottoman calls for relaxation and daydreaming.

There are several different velvet fabric types, as the fabric can be woven from a variety of different materials using a variety of methods.

Learn all about them here: The ultimate guide to velvet upholstery: durability, cleaning and colours.

FibreGuard fabrics: keeping pastel upholstery pristine

When it comes to maintaining pastel upholstery, FibreGuard’s stain resistant fabrics are your best friend. They're mighty where it counts: hard-wearing, soothingly soft to touch, and saturated with style.

All you need is water, a microfibre cloth, and perhaps a small bar of white household soap. There’s no need for toothbrushes or steel wool! Accidental stains are still removable even if some time has passed since the accident, but cleaning the spill up immediately is always better.

Here's our 4 step guide to pristine FibreGuard upholstery.

There’s always a special place in our hearts for your favourite colour, which is why our upholstery collections boast a wide colour range. Engineered by our team of trend-savvy creatives, there’s an upholstery colour (even pastels) for everyone.

Get even more cloud-soft pastel inspiration on our pastel Pinterest board.

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