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Hotel lobbies are transforming, and so is their wall design

As we delve into the transformative trends of hotel interiors, FibreGuard's soft, durable upholstery fabrics not only align with the changing aesthetic preferences but also echo a commitment to eco-friendly practices. It’s a conscious choice that not only enhances the visual appeal but also resonates with the environmentally conscious values of today's discerning guests.

Wall design is something hospitality designers are looking to when faced with mounting pressure to keep up with what guests really want: a unique, personalised travel experience.

In this blog post, we explore five key ways that wall design is coming to the fore in hotel interiors, specifically in hotel lobbies as their very function is changing.

Guiding guest experiences through clever interior design

Hotels are no longer just places where weary travellers can rest their heads. They’re evolving, for a number of different reasons, into whole experiences.

What kind of development is that? What do we mean by ‘experience’? How can experience be valuable or measured?

The experience economy is a marketing concept focused on positioning your product, no matter what it is, to enhance the lives or wellbeing of its consumer. This kind of marketing emphases enhancing and personalising your hotel guests’ stay, with business depending more heavily on the ethereal nature of ‘experience’ than ever before.

The great thing about experiences, though, is that designers have control over them in an interior space. Interior architects and designers can orchestrate consumers’ responses and emotions – and thus, memory and brand loyalty – by elements of clever interior design, by the use of scent and technology, by lighting and negative space.

This is where wall treatments, statement walls and feature design come to the fore.

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The One&Only Gorilla’s Nest resort is a beautiful example of experiential design at work, and we’re very proud that FibreGuard fabrics are contributing to this project.

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Read the full case study here: Romantic luxury in the breath-taking heart of East Africa

Custom wall murals: an unique option for creating a new experience in hotel lobbies

Hotel lobbies have a great deal of work to do on behalf of the hotel staff. They have to set expectations, facilitate check-in desks, provide informal meeting spaces, be visually interesting as well as comfortable. That’s a lot.

In keeping with the need of guests for a personalised, culturally distinct experience of their stay, designers can commision full-scale murals as wall treatments for hospitality lobby area. Working with local artists to create a personalized wall mural, giving your hotel lobby a definite, unique stamp that’s full of local flavour.

Visual vibrancy: colour blocking styles for modern hotel lobbies

Newsflash: accent walls are passé, but colour blocking is totally in. Work with pastels for a softer, more neutral space, or break out the metallics if you’re feeling bolder.

Integrating coloured furniture is another excellent strategy to incorporate the colour blocking concept into your hotel setting. Consider selecting two sofas in striking, contrasting hues and connect them harmoniously by placing them on a generously sized, neutral rug.

One of the notable advantages of using furniture, as opposed to painting, to achieve a colour-blocked aesthetic is its non-permanent nature. In a hotel environment, where adaptability is key, opting for vibrant furniture allows for a dynamic design without the commitment. If the colour scheme ever needs a refresh, it's far more convenient to replace a sofa than to undergo a complete redecoration of an entire hotel space.

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Take a cue for your hotel murals from SASHA BIKOFF'S SHOW-STOPPING MEMPHIS DESIGN INSPIRED STAIRCASE FOR THE 2018 KIPS BAY DECORATOR SHOW HOUSE. Dive in! Spark joy in interior spaces with the Memphis Design Revival

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FibreGuard fabrics feature here in a striking example of colour-blocking in booths that are as comfortable as they are stylish. ⁠Enjoy our luxurious quilted velvet at the⁠ @hwyhotel.⁠

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Keep exploring the Jacqueline restaurant in our blog post: Transforming hospitality spaces: the role of texture in bar and restaurant design

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FibreGuard’s upholstery features in the 5-star Marbella Corfu, thanks to Vagenas Contract. Unique architecture by Kydoniatis architects and interior design by Eirini Antonopoulou. Keep reading: How FibreGuard upholstery elevates public and leisure spaces

Adding texture and acoustic control to hotel lobby walls with textiles

Another wall treatment that will really boost the experience of your hotel lobby space comes through going 3D and working with fabrics that have high sound-absorbing properties, or even custom-made acoustic fabrics. Use them on your walls, your ceiling – anywhere you want to soak up noise and add full-on texture.

In Barcelona for example, Jacqueline restaurant celebrates colour and texture with a stunning bar clad entirely in highly-patterned Turkish tapestry. This lavishly textured snug becomes an immersive, cocooning space which draws drinkers into its embrace.

If you’re redecocrating your hotel instead of completely renovating it, you can improve acoustics through soft furnishing selections, like cushioned furniture and thick curtains.

The addition of acoustic panels can also make a major difference, particularly if you have issues with external noise sources in urban settings. Take a look at this blog from our sister brand FR-One on Why sound absorbing drapery fabric is the perfect choice. It explores the difference between sound absorption and sound proofing when trying to create calm and restful spaces.

FibreGuard's performance fabrics elevate everyday hotel interiors into unique sensory experiences

Texture can create character, personality and a unique sense of place that will bring your guests back time and time again. Our performance fabrics are designed to be beautiful and functional, with a focus on durability and longevity. They are made from the highest quality materials and are available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

Explore FibreGuard's hospitality success stories in our case studies

To sum up, the world of hospitality design is undergoing a remarkable transformation, and every choice in interior elements contributes to the narrative of an unforgettable guest experience. As we navigate the changing landscape of hotel spaces, it becomes evident that the fusion of style, comfort, and sustainability is paramount.

To truly grasp the impact of FibreGuard in the realm of hospitality, we invite you to explore our case studies. Discover how our fabrics have elevated the guest experience, enhanced the visual appeal of spaces, and contributed to a more sustainable and eco-friendly design ethos.

Explore our case studies.

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