Stain resistant fabrics that don’t shrink, fade or wear out

That’s our promise to you: high quality fabrics, as standard.

But how is this achieved?

Our fabrics undergo numerous textile tests in independent laboratories to ensure that they’re all durable, reliable, and of a consistent quality.

More importantly, such extensive testing is also to make sure that our fabrics are certified as surpassing worldwide standards, regardless of the market they’re being used in.

That’s why FibreGuard fabrics are a great fit for the residential, hospitality and healthcare industries (to name just a few).

Mechanical textile tests

Fabrics undergo a wide range of mechanical textile tests before they can be FibreGuard certified.

These tests include:

  • ISO (International standard)
  • EN (European standard)
  • BS (British standard)
  • IMO (International Maritime Organisation)
  • ASTM (American standard)

100% easy clean fabrics: proven

On top of this, there are FibreGuard-specific tests to guarantee our fabrics’ stain resistant properties. These extra textile tests are approached four different ways:

  1. Direct: apply the stain to a fresh fabric ,and remove immediately
  2. Wash: apply a stain to a washed piece of fabric and remove the stain
  3. Washed 10x: apply a stain to a fabric that has been washed for 10 times, and remove the stain
  4. 24Hrs: apply a stain, leave on fabric for 24 hours and remove it after 24 hours