Picture this. The phone rings and while you are talking your little child continues quietly the drawing you were making together, but now on a bigger canvas… the sofa. Surely any parent can imagine this stain accident happening.

There is no house with children that has never had an accident with spilling something on the sofa. With kids in the house, you need easy clean upholstery items. Here is where FibreGuard fabrics come to the rescue. FibreGuard has developed a Stain Free Technology that can be applied to different types of fabric, from chenille and jacquard to textured and patterned. When there is a stain, you don’t have to clean it for hours. Have a look at the video on the website and be amazed at how easy it is to clean FibreGuard fabrics.

Shopping for upholstered furniture or accessories is more than looking for style and color when you have children in the house. The durable qualities and performance of the fabric are as important.

You often hear that people stay away from choosing white or light colored sofa’s when there are children in the house. They wait until the children are grown up and move out. Be assured you don’t need to sacrifice on style and comfort when you choose FibreGuard. Our fabrics have a wonderful softness and tactile touch, even with the high-performance durability. They come in a variety of colors and textures, combining style and functionality. This gives you the freedom to design in any environment that asks for high performing stain-free fabrics. Also grandparents now start to reconsider the purchase of their sofa, thinking of the fun times ahead playing with the grandchildren. Don’t worry about having a snack in front of the television or the children making a mess on the upholstered dining chairs. Choosing FibreGuard gives you the safe feeling that your sofa will stay beautiful for years. No more crying over a spilled glass of juice.

You can use FibreGuard fabrics on all upholstered items in the house like sofa’s, ottomans, dining room chairs, kitchen stools, bed headboards,… Incorporate FibreGuard fabrics in the living room and dining room but also in the children’s playroom where your interior design will stay fresh and clean for many years

This collection lets you create a space for the whole family. A relaxed home feeling also with little rascals in the house!