Selecting a sofa is never easy. The shape needs to fit the room, the colour the design scheme and then you have to take into account who is using it. Do you have pets in the house? Are your children younger? You might have to let go of that much coveted white sofa then. No longer need for doubts: with FibreGuard you know that you can choose any colour or design, the stains will be removable however often you use and wash the fabric.

Playing with the children, letting the dog in the house are no worries anymore. When you carefully follow the FibreGuard cleaning instructions you will have a fabric that is easy to clean, with low maintenance and excellent durability. The FibreGuard properties will not diminish and your sofa will always remain a favourite place in the house where you can relax.

When you have bought your dream sofa you want it to stay beautiful as it is. With FibreGuard it is possible to remove stain after stain without losing any of the quality of the fabric. The FibreGuard quality is a permanent characteristic that doesn’t diminish over time.

The exclusive FibreGuard quality label is given to a wide range of unique designs and patterns, from on-trend colour plains to stylish and decorative motifs. Start picking the perfect sofa fabric from our extensive collections with designs that resonate!