Upholstery fabrics can be used in different interior design schemes: from decorative cushions to heavy duty sofas, they will all need their specific characteristics. You chose the quality of a fabric according to different requirements with the guarantee that they have gone through extensive testing. All fabrics will wear a label with the results of the tests they have passed.

The trusted FibreGuard quality label guarantees that all fabrics have been tested by our independent fully accredited laboratory. Our laboratory team is dedicated to all kinds of fabric testing across different areas. They have the technical knowledge to ensure your products will be safe, high-preforming and compliant with all regulations.

FibreGuard fabrics pass all tests according to international standards. There are of course the mechanical tests from piling and abrasion to seam slipping and tearing and then we also make sure that stains like red wine or lipstick don’t stand a chance anymore on FibreGuard fabrics.

We meticulously check how well every type of stain can be removed from every type of fabric. You can see the result of this in the instructional videos on the website. During the testing phase we also record the fabrics’ reaction to washing. We make sure that even when you wash them they will maintain the softness you love to feel and that the stain free technology of FibreGuard will continue to perform.

All samples in the FibreGuard fabrics collections have been going to these demanding and challenging tests. It is the result of this rigorous approach that leads to FibreGuard’s optimum performance. Thanks to the top notch laboratory efforts we were able to develop strong performing fabrics that can resists a wide range of fluids and stains