Bars & restaurants

FibreGuard fabrics are high-performing textiles for bars & restaurants.

They're technologically advanced so that you can focus on the more important parts of your day-to-day business.

Cleaning should never be a chore, and with FibreGuard it’s easy!

Check out our 4 steps to totally clean here.

Rigorously tested textiles

Before they’re released into the wild, our durable fabrics go through many textiles tests until they surpass industry standards (and ensure your peace of mind).

Read all about the FibreGuard fabrics tests.

Long-lasting good looks

Our fabrics won’t shrink, fade or lose their shape no matter how often or thoroughly you wash them.

Long-lasting and low maintenance fabrics are our gift to you, your bar or restaurant, and your patrons.

FibreGuard fabric collections feature a wide variety of fabric types and designs, seamlessly combining technology and style.

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