Clean, comfortable fabrics, designed to be welcoming

Easy to clean and comfortable, our wide variety of fabrics are ready to welcome your guests.

From hotel bedrooms to lobbies, FibreGuard fabrics are durable enough to withstand all kinds of use.

Easy maintenance fabrics

FibreGuard fabrics reach hospitality standards without losing their easy-clean properties.

Our performance-based fabrics are stain and splash resistant, requiring only the most basic of cleaning know-how. Check out our How To Clean page to see for yourself.

Eco-conscious textiles

Our OEKO-TEX® certification means FibreGuard fabrics are safe for the environment (and your guests)

All FibreGuard fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified to ensure that they are environmentally safe.

This means that they don’t release any harmful finishes or chemicals, protecting your guests where it counts.

Read more about our OEKO-TEX® certification here.