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Kidding Around with MINGO Soft Play Sofas and FibreGuard Fabric

MINGO’s soft sofas give kids the room to dream and imagine, where every day is another adventure and opportunity to explore the great indoors. This South African company makes sofas ready for play and to empower children to build their imaginary worlds, from exploring space in a rocket ship to dreaming in fairy-tale castles.

We’re delighted to announce that MINGO use FibreGuard’s fabrics for their sofas, and today we look at why our collections were a perfect fit.

The MINGO story: created for kids, loved by every member of the family

Mingo (noun): A made up word used to describe a flamingo.

Our name might be all in the imagination, but our configurable couches are the real deal! A special shout out to Harley, our founder’s son for coining the term when he was faced with a silly pink bird. You did good, kid. For us at MINGO, our name celebrates the mind of a child as a magical place that should always be stimulated and encouraged, which is what we aim to do daily.

While MINGO was originally conceived with only the little ones in mind, as a company they’ve come to realise just how much of a family item a MINGO can be. From movie nights in the lounge to afternoon naps and even a chill zone for your pets, MINGO means fun and comfort for everyone.

From conception, MINGO needed a professional fabric brand to help make their child-friendly venture a success. A fabric brand with collections that aren’t only soft to touch, but are also durable, and easily maintained.

MINGO needed FibreGuard.

Why MINGO Chose Us

Let’s get into the specifics of what MINGO found so compelling about our fabrics over other brands’. As they said themselves:

“We loved FibreGuard fabrics for their soft feel, playful colour ranges and permanent stain resistant qualities. The fact that they’re anti-microbial as well as certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® sealed the deal.”

FibreGuard’s stain resistant fabrics are available in a helpful selection of designs and characteristics. Each collection is the product of a long process of decisions, resulting in a fabric that's perfectly designed to fit any combination of applications – including children’s furniture!

Let’s have a look at FibreGuard’s unique technical features that had MINGO specify our fabrics:

  • FibreGuard’s ‘easy clean’ properties are permanent, still working on even with stain-on-stain removal, for their entire lifespan. We’ve even developed a distinctive set of textiles testing criteria to guarantee this. In total 17 different stains are applied to the fabric which must be removable under a range of different conditions. Learn more about our stain removal testing.
  • Beautiful colours and a soft hand/feel would both be wasted if they didn’t last. This is where our strength and durability engineering comes in. Learn more here about our durability standards.
  • No harmful chemicals are released from any FibreGuard fabrics, regardless of whether they have anti-bacterial properties or not. This includes via wear and tear or washing. We can guarantee that all our fabrics are entirely safe for skin contact: this is the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® guarantee.

The difference is FibreGuard

Our fabrics are designed for real life, whether that’s work or play or a little bit of both, as in MINGO’s case. Get in touch with our sales team if you need the same professional furnishing fabric solutions!

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