Pet-Friendly Fabric

Hands up who has a dog or cat whose favorite part in the house is the sofa. They are usually lounging just on the spot where the afternoon sun beams in, isn’t it? Upholstery pieces covered in a performance fabric are a must for any interior with pets.

Find the right pet-friendly fabrics for your


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FibreGuard fabrics keep their stain resistant properties year after year

Selecting a sofa is never easy. The shape needs to fit the room, the colour the design scheme and then you have to take into account who is using it. Do you have pets in the house? Are your children younger? You might have to let go of that much coveted white sofa then. No longer need for doubts: wi...

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FibreGuard are high-performance fabrics - Tested for durability

Upholstery fabrics can be used in different interior design schemes: from decorative cushions to heavy duty sofas, they will all need their specific characteristics. You chose the quality of a fabric according to different requirements with the guarantee that they have gone through extensive testing...

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Proud to be Oeko-Tex® certified - Safe for both human health and the environment

At FibreGuard, we are committed to supplying top quality interior furnishing fabrics. We also believe that an important part of that quality lies in products that are ecologically safe. That is why you will see the international Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 label on all our fabrics.

To become a certifi...

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Fibreguard is child friendly

Picture this. The phone rings and while you are talking your little child continues quietly the drawing you were making together, but now on a bigger canvas… the sofa. Surely any parent can imagine this stain accident happening.

There is no house with children that has never had an accident with...

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